bring my son

I want to know if some one knows any schools for my son with almost 2 years (do it in September), in Roeselare?
Or any website where i can find it?
And what more or less the average payment of an school for a kid with that age?
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João Rafael Sousa

Go for "Kleuteronderwijs" : … erwijs.asp
It's for children aged 2.5/3 years old

thanks for your answer.
did you know the average price of the schools?
João Rafael Sousa

Map of schools from 2.5 years in Roeselare. They are free. … amp;app=20

Same schools in a list form. Should be same as above link, just a bit easier to follow. … amp;app=20

my son have less than 2 years were can i find a nursery to leave my son?
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João Rafael Sousa

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