Pediatric Hospital or Doctors near Anderlecht

Hello Altruists,

I just moved in Anderlecht, Brussels with my family (wife + little kid). However, my kid still not fully adopted with this new environment and he is suffering constipation from couple of days.

As this situation, I am looking the recommendation of pediatric hospitals or doctors near my area.

Noted: I don't have any health insurance right now.

Thanks in advance.


Before immediately starting with a pediatrician, why not go to the pharmacy to ask for a cure? Belgian pharmacists have a good knowledge of products that can be given to young children without danger. … =proximity

Thank you so much [at]phipiemar.

Hello Amitkuet,

I recommand you to join a "mutuelle" to receive benefits and refunds :). Its easy and mandatory if you plan to live in belgium.

To find a good pediatracian in bruxelles you can look into doctoranytime ;)


to find a good pediatrician you can look into doctoranytime ;)

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