Expats children - vaccine requirement&child benefits from home country

Dear Friends,

As soon as my single permit approved we are going to move with my family to around Antwerp, Belgium ( Flanders part ). I have  a boy 2 y.o and a girl 1 month old.

I have 2 questions which I can’t find anywhere, and probably every expats who comes with children concern about these questions.

Q.1) My two children are Bulgarian Citizen ( EEU member) and they have all vaccines which are necessary and they are recorded to their vaccine book. But the situation is that Bulgarian language is Cyril alphabet and in Belgium pediaters won’t understand that as normal. Should we prepare any of list which vaccine they had before arriving to Belgium ? Is it necessary for kindergartens ? Or what do you suggest ?

Q.2) as I heard from somewhere it ringed a bell that , after you registrate your children in Belgium after that when you apply your documents for child benefits should we proof that we don’t take any child benefits from home country ?

1. Yes, it is good to bring the list in English so that the Belgian childcare (Kind en Gezin) can note down in the vaccination record they will create for your kids.
2. Yes, this is required.

Thank you very much Aneesh for your respond, I’m sure will help to all expat families with children.

Could I please ask if you could send me any official site that it’s written down, and I can see there what kind of documents required for child benefits. Like translate + apostille or something different for child benefits. Just forget to say, we are going to move Flanders region.

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