Arabic speaking babysitter

Hello, I am Mai, I am half Jordanian half Dutch and I am looking for some help with teaching my two daughters Arabic. I am looking for a young woman, native speaker of Middle Eastern Arabic, either Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian or Palestinian. For a few hours a week probably. Any recommendations or anyone available for the post?
Thank you in advance.

Hello , i can give online course.

Hi Maji,

[at]Eizzae, You should please post an advert in the Belgium classifieds section.

Good luck,

Hello Eizzae,
I am looking for more of a native speaker to babysit my kids so they get used to interactief in Arabic. But thank you for the reply.

Thank you Christine

I an a native speaker of Arabic

Hi Eizzae that is great. Are you also living in Brussels? Would you be willing to do a babysitting/slash arabic interaction with 2 kids? Do you have an e-mail adress or phonenumber so I can contact you maybe?
My e-mail is

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Hello, where do you live in Belgium ?

Thank you

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