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Hi shoanrebero,

First, try talking calmly to your employer and ask them NOT to renew your employment visa. Tell them that you would want to be relieved from your job.

Since no employer can hold back an employee who does not want to continue (since that would amount to unlawful practices and human rights violations), your employer should let go of you. Since there are no proper exit procedures agreed prior, the employer could make the most of the situation.

If your employer refuses to send you back, you have every right to take up this serious issue legally - with the Oman Ministry of Manpower, as well as the Indian Embassy in Muscat.

Once escalated, the authorities would step in as mediators and would settle the issue amicably.

Hi Anne may easier  for you  if still in Oman to look for a new  job

hi I'm kamrul
leave in oman, I'm planning to go my country bangladesh on September 2017, and I have to  stay there more than one month and my visa expiry date is 1st march 2018, my question is how many days I can stay, my visa validity still have 6 month,
please advice me

Good Day,

I would like to ask few questions regarding visit visa for my mother.

1. How many months the visit visa valid from the date of issuance?
2.The validity of the visit visa was mentioned for 3 months, exactly 90 days? or as calendar days? example: Date of entry in Oman is on September 22, 2017 and the date for exit is on December 22, 2017. in calendar days it will be 92 days, but for months it is exactly 3 months. Is there any issue or conflict on this date?

Hi khitkhat80,

A family visit visa is valid for 3-months, from the date of issue.

So the person on whose name the visa is issued must have entered the Sultanate before the3-month completion.

Upon completion of the 3-month validity period, a family visit visa can be extended by one more month. So it would be 3 months, plus one-month extension. So four months totally.

Good morning
I have been living in oman under a family visa for the last 18 years. now i have a job with a clearance. I realise I have to exit the country. but do I have to go back to india (Indian by nationality) itself or can I go to another country for eg dubai and come back

Hi Dynet Ferns,

It is not mandatory that you must exit. If both sponsors are agreeable, then a simple sponsorship transfer can be done.

Speak to the company offering to hire you and they would guide you on the best way forward.

To Jinispm
I was on family visit visa for 3 months when i first came to oman. Later before my visa expired my husband applied for family joining visa and i received it before my previous visa finishing date.
So ill say it is possible. But this was a year ago. And my husband is in MOH (doctor).
So atleast you should try before and then see..instead of being quite.
That's my suggestion.

hi if anyone can tell me , i got employment visa and entry was expired by 10 dec 19 , due to some personal stuff i coudn't travel , now what would be the next step
the company put a ban on me ? 
if i want to get tourist visa can i have it? there is not much information about this on official website
if anyone have authentic information kindly let me know

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