Exchanging for Latvia Driver's License

I have a French driver's license that is good for life. I am now living in Latvia. Can I continue to use my French license or do I need to exchange if for a Latvian license? If I need to exchange it will have have to go through classes and all the tests?

If you have the European Driving License then it should be no problem. Although I still didn't drive here, I was told mine is valid.

You can drive on your EU one for up to 6 months of residing, but after that you should exchange it for a Latvian one at CSDD. It's a really simple process and takes about 48 hours, after which you hold a Latvian licence. If you do not intend to stay in Latvia for more than 6 months, you can keep your own original licence.

Be aware, some insurance companies will invalidate your insurance if you hold a non-resident licence without informing them.

csdd.lv/eng/qualification_of_drivers/obtaining_and_exchange_of_driving_licence//eng/qualification_of_drivers/obtaining_and_exchange_of_driving_licence/ll only exchange EU/EFTA licences for LV ones but you can swap your AUS licence without issue in the UK and then swap UK for LV. Dual nationality has no bearing.

csdd.lv/eng/qualification_of_drivers/obtaining_and_exchange_of_driving_licence/ - 4th paragraph

CSDD is very peculiar with road laws aimed at foreign registered vehicles. One is if you are a LV national and drive a non-LV registered car, you cannot drive that car for more than 10 days a year and then only after purchasing a special licence from them. You also cannot drive a right hand drive for more than 6 months after you register it because unlike every other country in the EU, the road safety test requires the steering wheel on the left, technically even McLaren P1 and F1s fail because of have the steering wheel in the centre.

Astonishing that their rules are so strict when you look at how bad the drivers here are.

You'd probably be forgiven for imagining the test is "give this guy 500 Euros, and you can get a licence" - since there are so many drivers on the road with a clear death-wish.

If there's one piece of advice I could give to anybody in Latvia wanting to stay alive, it's - don't drive. If you value your own life - don't bother driving, because every day, there are thousands of incompetent INSANE drivers speeding on the roads, overtaking recklessly, and putting not only their own lives at risk, but the lives of other people.

I have never seen anything like it before anywhere in the world.

I used to think that it is insane but after driving here for 5 years, you get into the mindset of

1. Never think you know anything about the intentions of other drivers, indicators are used for thanking not turning.
2. No matter what BMW/Audis can defy the laws of physics when braking, especially older models with baked bean cans for exhausts.
3. If you think have enough space in front of you, then a car will fill it.
4. Speed limits are advisory, especially for BMW and Audis.
5. Latvians are great winter drivers considering the state of the road surface.
6. Do not expect or grant courtesy to any driver on the road unless they are police or you are going to crash into them otherwise.

Apart from that, once you get to grips with the fact you should be able to infer all knowledge of speed limits, turning priority from a white sign 5 kilometres earlier, it's fine.

Haha, I need to write a blog post about this.

Latvian Licence is available as exchange for all recognised national licences but not for Tractors and such. You can get standard car licence over counter in exchange.
Beware that your original licence will be held and sent back to other countries authorities to cancel. Latvia does not allow you to hold any other licence while holding a Latvian one.

I have had for approx. 5 months now dispute with Latvian authorities over issue of Agricultural Tractor licence. Their attitude is rude and decidedly reminds you of Soviet era !!
But CSDD I found to be friendly and helpful.

(24 years in baltics)