Right handed cars in Latvia


I am thinking about buying a right handed car from UK, change the steering wheel to the left and register it in Latvia. Is it allowed to register and drive cars in Latvia, which steering wheel is moved from right to left?

Yes you may change steering over and re reg .It can cost over 1600 euro for just the job then dealing with plating after that MOT and off you go. My car is Rover 45 tdi 89k on clock from new issue to me 2003. 1200 the dash 1000 the change over and they say may not be the car it was. I failed to take them up and bought 2006 car left hand registered and MOT road tax included for year 1830 euro TDI Renault clean and reliable like new. Cars here can be sourced easily but choice is limited unless new.Then if you can afford the price fine.If not the HP is not here they lease the car and after three years you can buy it from them fora very high price. In short they call it finance but it is never your can and if you scratch it God help you.Fines are written in the very small print. Sell your car in uk but another here. My car and a four year old Jag belonging to my friend also we stripped the cars down sold parts and made cash but so much left over it was not worth it. A Jag engine made 400 euro on line. My engine made by BMW made more but in UK 1200 POUNDS here 412 euro tops. Sell your car is the best and only option and travel here buy house and then buy car. I dont know what you have as job but here I am retired as jobs do not exist outside of Riga. Then 400 euro is the wage for most jobs. You may be a doctor but here 600 euro is your wage as GP. A month that is.

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Thank you for your replies. I am actually from Lithuania and have calculated than buying a car from UK and moving the steering wheel to the left side might help me save up to 2k euros. Unfortutantely it is not allowed anymore to drive cars with changed wheel to left side in Lithuania. So I thought that I might register the car in Latvia but mostly drive it in Lithuania.