Indians in Latvia- Let's join hands to interact each others

Would you like to get in touch with other Indians in living in LATVIA? :):par:  This Forum is for all INDIANS studying, living and working in LATVIA and who are upcoming to Latvia. :cool:
Community site for all English speaking people in LATVIA.This page is for all Indians Planning to travel and Explore LATVIA.

What a good idea to have people from India visit.Some might even stay and open real food shops.As I am British ex pat living in Latvia I miss Indian restaurants in London very much at times.Now we know that Latvians hate spicy foods but have no idea of just how great a range covers good Indian food. To finda real Indian grocer here in Latvia is impossible. A good spice shop exists in Riga and trys his best to bring in all sorts of goodies from around the world.As I love Chef work I search for such things as dried red chilli and star anise and eventually found them. Other things like curry powder ingrediants are sadly not Indian,have no taste and are hot but languid. Now I welcome in any one from India who wants to start business supplying real Indian spices and such things as Ghee.I make my own but do not have access to real ingrediants so use clarified butter as base. If cooking Greek or Spanish meals forget and use what Latvia has with trial and error to produce something tasty but hardly what I trained to produce. Latian food is good but this man likes meals from all over the world at his finger tips.I builta Victorain based but  modern kitchen to do all of this daily. Tonight it is from France. Tangine d Agneau aux Oignons. Lamm dish From France via Morroco some six hundred years since. I add a sort of crust to this dish with cheese in breadcrumbs. The French cheese hard to find I use  a hard Swedish cheese grated. Perhaps a French couple out there might open a shop too.Anyone who loves good food and wines is welcome I say.

Thanks for your interest on indian's food :) & thanks for your info Naesby. I heard someone in opening indian restaurant & curry point in Riga this november. Hope you find good indian for their :)

Hello Dileep. Sounds good to me you are studying in Latvia. Yes Thank you for that information I will go and see this new Indian concern.I live some sixty miles from Riga but go there for interest and shopping trips about 3 times in each summer.Travel is in deep snow and hard ice in winter so do not venture far.
I have many Indian cook books and love naan bread so easy to make I make it often with garlic topping. I am happy to hear an Indain business is here in Latvia and look forward to more coming over. My father was living in India just before that last world war.In Simla in the northern hills he was in the British Army.
Tales from the hills gave me my love of India and I had an Indian nany when mother took ill in London and a girl from Jipor was employed to look after me as Iya. I was 5 and she was about 20 but great friends we became. Mother returned in good health from hospital after three months and I never saw Rose ever again. She must be now 80 years old,if still alive I would love to say hello my friend to her.

wow sounds good & i think your some where your soul is linked up with INDIANS :)

I wondered is no one from INDIA living in LATVIA?  :unsure

Or might be they are not in Exap-Blog  :blink:

I am coming in latvia..
I glad if i get indians there...
Indian understand easily indians ☺

;):D Yes it's true  ;)

If pay wage of work will more in Latvia in future ..i will stay there... :)  but its bitter truth.. :o . there is cheap expands however pay wage is also least than other EU countries  :whistle:  but history of latvia and historical places ..woww  :one

Hello again my friend,No Indians have I seen in Latvia.Riga is the only place and I do not claim to know all areas of that city so maybe.Yes we should all spread are hands out to everyone. The world is far smaller now and I have seen most of it over my lifetime. Lake Bal and the fort at Agra too. I love curries and good tandori cooking. That is why we talked about Indians in Riga.I have friends who came from Bombay to run a curry house (as we call them) I helped cooking as only my pal was working until many came over.I learned a lot helping him for a week. It is in Ambleside in the English lake district hois place. I miss good Indain cooking.I cook French and English meals mostly with some Indain and Thia when able to buy the things needed. I just cannot get real Madras curry spices or even powder here.They sell spices that taste of nothing in the Market in Riga. If just one came over and tried a curry house in the real way I am sure it would work.Latvians have limited knowledge or desire to experiment with other nations food methods. They are still stuck in the Soviet thinking moods at times. Very simple tastes. That said my wife now uses little dried red chilli in some dishes and has made on my instructuions a good enough chutney tray with three types of chutney on it. All have ginger and chilli in the making so hope is on the way. Forget anything else old son get cooking over in Riga.I will come to you.

Hahahaha.... i make many indian food in my home with my mom.. and i love to eat curry and i made it very well ☺
I love spices 😀
Where ever i live i make my food with my own food.. without spices food have no taste 😞

Good man so do I and agree spices and herbs are just what is needed.We English even made curry out of your spices in our army tin hats.Just added water or really wine or beer stired about with the fingers eaten with naann bread kept the Britis army on top form. Born to love spices and top made curry with basmati rice I have no problem in that direction and love the six hundred year connection with India and its many cultures. Great people great food.

I am at farm grows basmati rice harvest...  vegetables  and some pulses also we grow.. 
I belong to farmer family 😀 i have my own 24 acre farm... potato, onion , rice , wheat,  maize, tur, tomato, peppers, peas, sugarcane, brinjal, millet all these we grow ☺

I might get a chance to visit Riga early next year for a period of 3 months. After reading all the comments about the unavailability of Indian spices in Riga, I'll make sure that I pack enough of them for 3 months :)

hi iam moving to latvia for my studies can ny one help me ?

When you will ?

Welcome  :cheers: Are you trying for september intake? If yes for which university your trying for??

iam moving to latvia in september but to liepaja

Yes indeed my soul is linked to Indian nation. If anyone can supply real curry powder or just the few ingrediants i need one will be happy. I have cummin seed dried red chilli and ginger root. Onion powder and tumeric but something is missing ? I used Indian shops in UK for six litre cans of ghee and powders for curry sauce that really I miss so much. I can make naan bread easily and builta tandori oven in the garden in clay bricks. The Latvians hate spices of any sort so none of the shops really dael with good Indian spices or even just Sharwoods curry powder would be better than nothing when I just fancy a good curry. I cook many countries food.French ussually but I can find all I want in the garden for that and we have eggs from our own hens along with milk and heavy cream from the farm nearby. what else would I need to give a very bland curry lift?

Don't worry bro. :cheers: just hold on for 2 months you will catch a good newly opening Indian restaurant & a curry point their  :top:

Dear man you can contact me as soon as your open. Good luck on the business bro and see you then.

Sure & thanks for your interest on Indian food :top:

I have worked out that we will be at two different ends of Latvia. I in the far north you in the deep south. Riga is between us. Im in Slacgrivas novads take a look at a map bro.

I am from cochin, kerala and  planning to do masters in lativa.can i talk to someone on phone for the right information

I have done my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering last year and i am planning to do my masters in lativa.
Which course should i select to secure a full time job in the one year stay back time.what's the scope of mechanical students in lativa. What extend is the possibility of securing a work visa within this period

hi friend, its not that much easy to get a job in latvia.. any europe its not easy until unless you have got some language proficiency of that local lang.if you want entire information you can emai l me at ***

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u can contact me on **************************

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Still waiting for you to say where you are.Curry ingredients rather down and need more proper spices to make a real curry. I made Piri Peri sauce with home grown birds eye chiilies and nearly burnt my privates off with chilli on hands. The piri piri sauce was good as marinade on BQ chicken but I was in so much bloody pain bro that a swim was all I waited for.

Hi.. I am an Indian.. Travelling to Latvia next month for my graduation course. I want to know if there is any scope for Part Time Jobs.. Kindly help me out

Dont understand why Indians are coming here. There is nothing in Latvia... no living standard... no job... no language... all Indians cry after come here.... most of them run away... others go back to India after 6 months

But, I have already applied and I am half a way there.. I am coming to LBK university.. Just waiting for the Delhi Interview.. Kindly advice me for the scope of Part Time job

There is no job in Latvia... no social life as people are not friendly... main problem language... even if u want to do job after finished your study, u have to learn Latvian and Russian languages both.

Hello you can phone the University Burser and should speak English if educated Latvian as it is now taught in schools here. Beyond that some part time jobs may exist in Riga such as bar work.About three Indian curry houses exist in that city so yes maybe you can trace all contacts and apply before venturing here. If the Uni sends you an information pack on request you will have most of the answers on your questions anyway.I would write to them and ask for the information pack to be sent to you.

Is this thread still active?
I was lookimg for some guidance on cost oF living.
I have already gone through few portals of cost of living.

But just looking for simple ans.

Whether job of 1400 Euro per month in Riga,Latvia, is good offer to accept or not?
Is it possible to do saving in this salary?

If you have been offered 1400 euro per month grab it now. Average wage is around 500 per month. World is yours on that wage dear boy. What I want is a good top quality Indian curry house on the British curry taste place to eat. Nothing like it here as two that are so they say are far from what i mean. Latvians do not go for curry they will take chilli but to be honest few have ever had a proper curry and when they do it will take over here. My wife Latvian born we moved here to please her. Took six years to get on to curry. now she will eat Madras with the best of us. Tandouri ovens in eating houses do not exist. Riga is a place with Chinese and Indian eating places but we have tried. Nothing is anything like we have at home in UK here. Some chaps from Lucknow on line here took me up on it but not anyplace even near but south border near Ukraine they chose to buy shop. Riga is the main place in all Latvia we travel an hour in car to shop there. So do so many Brits and we all meet up for lunch in summer but never have we found a curry restaurant anyplace. We have found Chinese but run by Latvians who never have been outside of Europe cooks who born in Riga die in Riga. Taste is hot and hotter but no flavour. Take the job and tell all you know who cook the chance of a life time is here if you know what British Indian curry is.

Hi Dileep,
Im santhosh from malaysia, planing to live in latvia soon. are you a student or living in latvia?
Do you know anyone who can assist me for my residency permit, im quite confused i wanted to start a restaurant business in riga, but in order to get the residency permit how much do i need to invest? where do i start first?

looking forward to hear from you soon.

santhosh satha

Hi Dileep Kumar iam from India recently I came to latvia to do my masters. And iam searching for part time jobs. Kindly guide me

Indians in Latvia- Let's join hands to interact each other


Hi Dileep , can you let me know how to join this group and I am going to study at Riga stradins university. I want to specifically know near by bank for this university and and tiffin service available... Indian or Pakistani menu.... Also will the tiffin service cheaper then restaurant..??

Would appreciate your earliest reply as it will give me time mentally and emotionally to plan my travel and stay in Riga for next 6 years... I will be staying in hostel as of now .... Travelling in Jan ...

@dileep_kumar! Good morning! I hope you're doing very well.I'm a Bangladeshi not Indian.Can you help me??