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Riga - the most beautiful town in Baltic states

Riga - capital of Latvia - the most beautiful city in Baltic states. Riga has unique history and architecture for travelers ...

About Latvia

Latvia enjoys warm summers (though not as warm as its more southern European neighbours) and relatively cold winters, often with significant snow. In the summer, visitors and residents can enjoy one of the beaches along the nearly 500 km of Latvian coastline as well as take advantage of the forested environment with hikes or cycling trips.

Like other states in the region, it has also recovered fairly well following the 2008 financial crisis, with many exports out of the port of Riga. As a result, there are certain job opportunities for expats in tourism and some export industries. There is also a well-developed public transportation network in the city, as well as trains for those looking to explore the country.

As with the country's economy, the infrastructure has also developed in Latvia, helping to make Riga one of the financial hubs of the Baltic region. There is fast internet available (one of the highest speeds in the world), three main ports, and an international airport near Riga.

Quick Information

Official Languages : Latvian , Russian , Lithuanian
Currency : Euro
Area : 64589 Km2
Population : 2217969
Calling Code : +371
Timezone : Europe/Riga

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