Riga - the most beautiful town in Baltic states

Updated 2010-03-16 06:39

Riga - capital of Latvia - the most beautiful city in Baltic states. Riga has unique history and architecture for travelers. Riga is the centre of rest, entertainments and shopping for the tourists searching for bright impressions. Riga is a business centre.

The heart of the city is Old Riga, where are large quantity of sights, historical places, ancient architecture. Charm of old city are stone roadways - storing history of centuries, these are souvenir benches and little shops with amber and ornaments, it is the Dome cathedral with body, these are gold cockerels on spikes of cathedrals, these are the restored ancient small houses with tile roofs, it is special atmosphere of romanticism which is not present anywhere in the world more. Modern night clubs, magnificent restaurants and very cozy Riga's cafes with live music and the well-known coffee with the Riga balm here have conveniently settled down. The old city falls asleep for a minute, at night here so is populous, as well as in the afternoon.

Round Old Riga the life is full of hopes, a modern mega city boils. The centre of Riga is not less beautiful, than the most popular corners of the world. The well-known architecture of Jugend style adjoins to business buildings from a steel and concrete. The city channel with romantic park on coast, fountains in squares, the Riga central market, noisy central streets covered with expensive cars, cathedrals in the Gothic style, all is the centre of Riga ' city centre of contrasts.

All can take pleasure in it at any time year and welcome to Riga!

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