Is this salary enough to live in Riga?

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I received a job proposal from an European Agency in Riga. The job seems interesting but I don't know if the salary will be enough to live there and pay my monthly flights (a couple of flights a month to and from Rome). My salary should be 1750 euros and I realized that I should spend at least 350 euros for the flights each month.
I will move to Riga alone, so what I need is only a flat, a cheap supermarket and a good gym :).
Do you think the salary it's enough?
Thank you for your opinion.

Hello Oni_zeta.

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Thanx Aurélie :)

Are you living in Latvia too?

1750 euros it's is 1400 lats in native money ... so let we start a coffee in all places cost 2-3 lats .. you can eat lunch likely for 3 for 4  or 5 lats ... also living id cheap for flat one room you will give in month not more than 200 lats .. and gym costs likely 20 lats or less ..

1750 € = 1250 Ls

Hi Oni_zeta,

1750-350 = 1400 € = 1000 Ls/Month

Worst case (I'm gonna overestimate what follows)
- Supermarket: 200 Ls/Month
- Gym: 50 Ls/Month
- Flat: 300 Ls/Month
- Services (Heating, Electricity, Internet): 100 Ls/Month

1000-200-300-50-100 = 350 Ls/Month

Then of course depends on the type of flat you want, on the type of Gym and how you eat... but I hardly believe that the rest will be lower than 300 Ls/Month. I do think you can save more than that.

Any other questions, please let me know!

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Thanks a lot for your answers: they are really useful for me
By the way, a flat with 1 bedroom is enough for me as I'll live alone. Regarding food and supermarket I think I'm a good housewife :).
I have another question: what about mobile phones? I mean, is  making phone calls (local of course) or having internet on your device really expensive?

My girlfriend has a tariff with which she spends 1 cent/minute with 3-4 people... no idea about internet, but I believe you can find something not too expensive without big efforts! Not a point to worry about in my opinion! ;)

Hi Oni_zeta,

That salary is more than enough to live well in Riga. Most people make it with half of that money and for a whole family. Living in the center is more expensive, but you could find apartments for rent from 300 EUR there. Mobile phone tariffs and internet are really cheap. I would try "Bite" for Mobile. Internet it will depends on where you live, but cost should not be more than 20 eur/month (Currently I am paying 11 EUR/month). Food at supermarkets is not cheap as expected and compared it with salaries, but I am sure it is cheaper than in any big Italian city. Anyhow there are always promotions and sales that help you to save a good money each time. About gyms you will find them from 7 €/day to 24 €/day. If you get a monthly membership from 35 €/month to 100 €/month, depending which one you choose. Maybe once you are here, you like it so much that you will not go back home so often and you will save money on flights. Anyway, wish you best luck.

Hi Pablo

Thank you so much for the answer.
My place of work will be at "Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica": I went there once and it seemed a nice place. Do you think I could find a flat close to there or can you suggest a good place to live?
Anyway I'm glad to read what you have written. About the gym, usually I practice sport 4 or 5 times a week, so a yearly subscription could be the solution to save money.


Hi Fabio,

Where you are going to work is the very center of Riga. Sure you can find apartments for rent there, but usually they will be the most expensive ones.

Anyway go to

This webpages is constantly updated by owners and real estate agents offering what is for rent in Latvia. Using the google translator it is easy to understand the characteristics of every apartment. In the same place clicking on the address you also will be connected to google maps and you will be able to check how far it is from your place of work.

Just think that the Center of Riga is quite big, maybe it would be good for you to check also Angelkalns, Ilguciems y Tornakalns. These areas are at the other side of the Daugavas river, but not far from Zigfrida Annas Meierovica Bulvaris.

Public transports in Riga work quite well, so do not be afraid of living a bit further.

Hope this information will be useful for you.

I do not know how long the link will be under review, but here is
"ss(dot)lv" look for Dzivokli in the home page and then click on Riga and then choose the neighborhood (Center, and also Agenskalns, Tornakalns, Ilguciems, Teika).


I've been living in Latvia for a year and just received my tax bill today.

DO NOT work in Latvia. You pay a basic tax rate of around 35 % while everyone else around you works for cash.

In terms of tax this country is an absolute joke.


An absolute joke. And there is my rant for the year :)

I hope it is of some use.

35% doesn't seem that bad to me. I pay about the same.

As for being the only person around you who actually pays ... all of my colleagues and family pay, foreigners and citizens alike.

Not sure where you work, but I take it they didn't take your taxes off of your paycheck.

The problem in Latvia is the continued decline and recession ... forget the Govt and EU spout about it over and Latvia on it's way up again. I have 3 businesses failed over last years ... with last just about hanging on ... why ? Nationalist who cannot see further than their own pockets running the country.
When recession hits - they up the VAT (PVN) ... when that doesn't work - they double tax penalties to company's if you fuel company car outside office hours ... just a couple of examples.

Toby is of course on a rant - but I also know where his rant comes from ... and he's not far of the mark. Latvia wants to be European, but on IT'S own terms.
It's very glad of EU money to prop up it's corrupt systems, but promises made to half the population of citizenship still has not been fulfilled. The Eu of course side-stepping that one even though it was a condition of EU membership.

The referendum on EU membership was a fraud ... yes 51% voted for EU ... but that is only 51% of the VOTEABLE population which only 50% of that voted ... because back then more than 45% of population were not allowed and still cannot vote. So in fact the vote was a lot less at more like 25% yes.

I've been in Latvia since 1993 ... had some very good times and business ... but now it's necessary for me to work outside Latvia as the general situation just cannot support entrepreneurs anymore.

The Black Economy is even more rife now than it was before ... with people only declaring small salaries and taking rest in cash ...

The tax situation is not 35% ... that's employees rates ... the total bill is over 64% in fact when employer coughs up as well.

Business registration and Capital asset matters are in review at present based on the poor market - Govt trying to prevent transfers etc. Moves that will only fuel further trouble.

To the original poster and his 1750 Euros a month ... net would be ok - but if Gross salary - then stay in Rome ! By time you get through tax, social payments etc. - you'll be wishing you hadn't started. 1750 Euros is good for a local person who can live local standards ... but as a Foreigner with likes and wants - it will be a struggle.

Honest opinion based on 20yrs here ...


I meant 1750 net of course, with medical insurance and other benefits

1750lvl net is a good salary by latvian standards.. you will be ok.

If you learn a little Latvian to enable you to shop at the markets, you will save lots of money and get high quality meat, fish and vegetables. What I love about Latvia is that most of the things sold in the markets are organic (something we pay a premium for in the west) because the smaller farmers still have traditional values. Especially in the countryside, you can expect to see old ladies at markets selling cranberries from the marshes, or some fruit or vegetables from their gardens.

On the other hand if you shop at the supermarkets, the prices are almost the same as anywhere in Europe.. so I avoid them as much as possible except to buy rice, pasta, wine, canned goods etc.


Hello everyone
Im sameer from sri lanka. Next month ill come to latvia bcx i satrt my studies here are ? Student can work part time job in latvia ?
How much can earn student im latvia per month?
Pls give me a good advice ...
Thanks everyone