Latvian Residence Permit - Can i work in other EU Countries with this

Good Day Everyone,

I currently live and work in Riga, Latvia. I hold a Residence Permit and need to know if my Latvian Residence Permit allows me to work in other European Union countries. IE Germany.

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Brett Meadway

Hello Brett

Kindly note that possession of a residence permit in Latvia does not automatically provide the right to enter other EU countries. To gain this privilege, you must first obtain the status of "EU Permanent Resident".

To do so, you must provide proof of a stable income, sufficient for you and your familys maintenance. Further, you must have resided in an EU country for a minimum of 5 years, with annual leaves totalling less than 10 months.

Hope this piece of information might help you.

Kenjee Team

Hi Brett,

The residence permit is most commonly used by Russians to get a gateway to the EU without the need for a VISA. You are allowed to travel as a tourist, and I think have business meetings (but not work in the target country). So this would be ideal say if you have your own company and need to make sales trips to other countries (as long as you don't physically work in other countries). If say you wanted to work in Germany on a Latvian residence permit, and your passport was from a non-EU country, you would be treated as a non-EU citizen for work purposes which would fall outside the EU treaty article 45.


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