Best legal way out!?Living in Norway on work visa-how to go to latvia?

I need some expert advice with regard to legally working & living in Latvia.

I'm an asian, livining in Norway on a work Visa and am now considering changing waves a little and move to Latvia in search of a new job and new life. Wondering is it legal for me to move to Latvia and search for a new job? What are my options? How easy or difficult is it to handle visa related matters? What would be the minimum monthly costs I need to factor in for an individual?

Appreciate some ideas. Thank you nice people.

Note that work visas are often restricted to a specific employer (sponsor) or country, so the Norwegian work visa does not help with Latvia. Since Norway is not in the EU (but is part of the EAA and the Schengen Agreement), the easiest thing to do would be to check your curent visa status to see if you are permitted to visit as a tourist to a mainland EU country. If not, you are supposed to apply for a tourist visa from the relevant consulate office.

If you arrived in Latvia and found someone ready to sponsor you for a new work visa, you would of course be able to legally live and work here.

Check this link for the official details for non-EU nationals. … dex_en.htm