Thinking about getting citizenship or permanent residency

I am currently a citizen of USA. My grandfather was born in Latvia and we have his passport from 1929. I just need to get it verified. I am currently working on a 2 year degree in Library and Information Technology. I am wondering what the job market might be? I am willing to live on the border and commute to another country if need be. I was thinking of moving near Riga or Ventspils. I am single so no need to worry about anyone else. I wonder if my degree would transfer if I decided to go for a Bachelor's degree while there. I don't know the language but I am studying basic Latvian online.

Latvia is in decline - seriously. Forget the hype and propaganda in the media. Latvia has lost a large % of its main workforce to work outside latvia for better salary and less punishing tax regime.
Over significant period Latvia has been staving of bankruptcy - propped up by EU.
I have lived in the Baltics for over 24 years and most of it in Latvia. I have seen Latvia go from a prosperous small country to one that people are worried about tomorrow.
For an outsider to come and live here ? First have a good degree and the qualitys to be able to enter in to a high level profession if you want to live and work in Latvia. There is literally nothing else of interest to outsiders here.
Gone are the days of creating a business and doing well. Businesses are collapsing here every day.

The best for an outsider ? Have work outside Latvia. I live in Ventspils, my work takes me worldwide. The companies I had in Latvia are now shut down due to Latvia's ridiculous nationalistic attitudes. Now we have no choice but to be based outside Latvia. Tax's, Rules and Regulations make it difficult for true business to be profitable.

My honest answer after so many years of watching Latvia destroy itself.

Brit in Latvia