Getting married in Latvia

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We invite all the ones who got married in Latvia or who are about to get married in Latvia to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Latvia? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Latvia)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

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Hello Armand,

In my case I'm citizen of Latvia and my husband is American. The procedure was rather simple.
Documents we needed:
copy of our passes, document from US embassy that he wasn't married (if he were, then document about the divorce). This document should be proved by ministry of foreign affairs (, then translated into latvian lang.and confirmed by notarial.
Keep in mind, that on the date when your registration is appointed foreigner should be staying in with valid visa (or according to Shengen rules as for US citizens).
And now about timing. After we applied for marriage registration (fee approx.5Ls), it takes shortest 1 month till possible date (and you can postpone your registration date not longer then for 7 months after recieved confirmation).
All in all preparation procedure was rather fast, but its my experience of LV and foreigner marriage, don't know how it works for both non LV citizens.
If you have more Q don't hesitate to ask;)
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Oh! forgot one rather important thing...when you fillin the application form in the m. registry office ( … id=2213345) you have to decide about the surname after your marriage (changes or not). And for the foreigner, you might need to visit The Latvian (, where they correctly spell your name and surname for the marriage certificate in Latvian.

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Hello , I'm Stephen from the UK my partner of 8 years is Irina we want to return to Latvia her home country this year to Marry , were being told that she must reside there if we wish to marry there, could you tell me if this is true.
We also need the email address of a body/government office who could help us if it is possible to marry there this year . 
                           Thank you 

Hello Armand,
My name is DOUG, I am from the USA and my wife is (Russian) from Riga, (Latvian Citizen) I met her on a business trip 8 years ago, and a year later we were married in RIGA. In 2005 we both had to go to the registration office and ask for a date, then go thru all the paperwork, divoreces, passports, etc, etc...and then I was required to come to Riga (Latvia) and stay for two weeks before we could marry. We had a large wedding, and all went well, it wasn't too bad of an experience, but...when you are young and in love, things tend to go was a bit of a hassle, but, the lady who assisted us was very nice, informable, and she was very pro that helped a little. Good luck !!! I'm sure all will be well.

Thank you for sharing usaeuro69! ;)


Hello Aurlie,
You sound very interesting..!!! do you live in Latvia...? I hope you have a wonderful and happy day....

Hello usaeuro69  -> No, I am from Mauritius Island! :)


how can i get married in lativa

We are honored and delighted to announce by this, my next wedding inshallah.

  My fiancee is Lithuanian (Lithuanian, latvia), she lives in Germany, I am Moroccan and I live here in Morocco, it was decided that married there, we'd like to know the steps they are papers that must take with me, and me her, and how long will our marriage

In anticipation of a favorable response, please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Marhaban Ayawmo, y Moubarak.

There are a couple of good posts here and on another marriage thread that have all of the steps required to obtain a marriage license.

If you make it to Rīga contact me.  It would be my pleasure to take you for tea.


Hi everyone ....Please help me i m living in Latvia i m from Pakistan and i have Temporary resident permit so is its possible can i marriage with another schengen state girl In Latvia., and can i can get the resident permit of Latvia,for this which documents i need for marriage.please give me reply Thanks

I am Georgian and live in Georgia with my family whose members are latvian citizens,my spouse is latvian and my children are latvian as well. Please let me know,am I entitled latvian residency in case I go to latvia and what procedures I have to fulfil?


(I am not a citizen, nor an expert in immigration.  Do your reasearch.)

Moving to Latvia should be easier considering you have Latvian family; you're required apply for a VISA, but it should be easy.

I suspect that in your case citizenship is still difficult. … acija.html

You will need to apply for a permanent residence permit, and stay in Latvia for 5 years, after which you can apply for naturalizaton.
Basically, moving to Latvia for you is first about residence and employment, and much later about citizenship.

sajjad12345 wrote:

Hi everyone ....Please help me i m living in Latvia i m from Pakistan and i have Temporary resident permit so is its possible can i marriage with another schengen state girl In Latvia., and can i can get the resident permit of Latvia,for this which documents i need for marriage.please give me reply Thanks

Do your research.

Not mentioned here is that you will of course need to find someone to marry.


thanks for reply.
I am not thinking about citizenship, just want to go there and get resident permit.

hi there
i have a residence permet of spain for 2 years
My girl friend is from latvia and we want to get married in latvia
please any one can help me in this case that how long it takes and about the prosecess of all

salam sajjad bhai how are you?
please can you inform me about the process of marriage in latvia
i m right now living in spain
my email is
will be waiting for ur reply

Sajjad send me email, im from galway ireland, we might be of help to each other. Tyabks

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Expat-blog team.

It has been several years ago (8) but my wife and I were married in RIGA and had a very wonderful, beautiful wedding. I had to be present in RIGA for at least two weeks before the actual marraige date, but that was eight years ago, I'm not sure that this is still necessary today.  I had to register and obtain Latvian marraige license...then went on with the ceremony. I am from the US , she was from Latvia, so of course passports and other minor documents were copied and exchanged, other than that, it was not a big deal.

You can find more information regarding marriage formalities in another EU country on the following url:

Yes ,easy merry in Denmark only ten days

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No one replied but i solved the problem... Good luck people!

Sorry but I have only just read your question and glad you have sorted it out.Latvians do this all the time. Add the letter S to end of first  names. Actors so famous get advertised as Latvian with something no one understands if you are just a resident like me. I have traveled the world and never had this trouble before. If George Clooney is in a film here he becomes something like Goergis Clusnui yet if you try to change a Latvian name to English they are not happy.I think it stems from identity as they had none until independence and so perhaps we must try to understand.


Thank you for your kind reply to others.
I have different questions. what is the right procedure? Do we need to go to marriage department in Latvia to register (with giving exact dates and places in Latvia) first?How many months at least should we start applying? The thing is I have only Latvian residency permit and passport with me, not the single certificate yet. I will need to go home (HONG KONG) to get it only after summer. Do you have the website of the marriage apartment that we can ask about our situation? Thank you!!!

Have a nice weekend!

Hello everyone,

it is such a nice forum - all about love and formalities :))))

I have a question. We are two Lithuanians who want to register a merriage in Riga. Is it possible? How should we start to arrange that?


If there's someone who can guide through the proccess then in my opinion the marriage process is quite easy.
We had a few struggles and misunderstandings at the immigration office but so far- good.


i m an Indian. but now i am living in riga on the base of student visa. i want to ask my boyfriend to come here and then we want to get married. then what is the process for marriage in riga?and what is the charge for that ?

Do you know what documents required to apply for family residence in lativa ?

I won't marry Latvian girl