How to get married in latvia

hi everyone ,

my name is anna and i am from albania which is a non european  contry, and my fionse is from latvia but he is resident in ireland for 5yeas now, we have been together for 2 years and we are planing to get married this month in latvia but i dont know what kind of doc. do i need , how much time it will take and what should i do before i go to latvia , if anyone can help me  i will be very grateful,
thanks  :)

Hello being an English titled expat living in a house I built on land belonging to my partner whom is Latvian. One thing is no law exists for splitting things up if anything goes pear shaped. No solicitor will take a case on against a Latvian national and no law exist to protect your goods your investments and all Latvians know this before ever you come here get whom ever it is to sign a pre nuptual agreement that all cost be shared and halved if the union breaks up. Latvians will not enter into it so your advised not to fall into the same trap as many foreigners fall into and Latvians love it. I came here innocent but when after I had finished the house and gardens I was told to bugger off back to England. All house goods and car belonged to her under Latvian law.

i am sorry for what happened to you and thanks for the advise   :)

so you telling me not to do the marriage in latvia , what if i do it back in albania will he have the right to take it from me ? anyways we are going to live in ireland and we might buy a house over there, before we get married we will sign a prenuptial contract  , does he have the right to take all that house for himself ? now what should i do because anything may happen , we love each other and i wish we never split but what if it happens ?

Hi everyone 😊 My name is Yucef im tunisian and my fiancee is Latvian we are together for two years now and we have visited each other several times in both countries, we decided to get maried in Tunisia this summer so we started to think about what paper we need for it, at this stage one strange thing come out for us: Tunisian autorities ask for one doccument that give permission for my fiancee to get maried with me in Tunisia usualy its delivred from the embassy o the foreign country in Tunisia... But Latvian autorities says that they dont deliver such a doccument they just can give a doccument of status showing that my fiancee is not maried yet.. Tunisian autorities say it not enough and Latvian say its all what yhey can give.. So now we are stuck in the middle .. Can anyone give advice or know someone was is such situation who can help we will ne very thankfull for you 😊

hi anna, have you done all ? i am in same process can you please guide me ?

what documents do i need for family residence permit ?