Recognition of foreign qualifications in Latvia

Hello everyone,

Were your professional qualifications recognised in Latvia? What country did you complete your qualifications in? What profession are you in?

Did you have to go through any formalities to get your qualifications recognised, such as to have them translated?

If your qualifications weren't recognised, were there any additional tests or exams you had to complete before you were able to practice your profession in Latvia or continue with your studies?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Dear you, yes I have a history degree and part law PHD first from Liverpool University UK later from London Tech but had my life in law court work now happily retired. No point in working all your days if your head is switched on with education why do it. i live like King but only a British Baronet still as Queen did not raise my titles as I reside abroad. I care not as I did not want charity.  As National Trust took my property in UK by greed then one researches law to find they are Government owned. Another reason I came here and built a house to stay. i pity those here who earn so little so I conclude that education, as in UK, may be not needed here or be helpful to the man in the street as jobs pay so little it could be used by EU as proof on slave labour. 400 euro per month is the normal for many with families to live on. When rents start at 340 euro and upwards per month how do Latvians manage?

Hello dear lady, I studied law at Oxford. History at Liverpool uni. Worked in law and in hobby time six history books. Came over here to retire having sold my practice to partners. Came here 6 years ago built house and six acre English landscaped garden all by myself. Happy to be here at times but need a good friend in woman.