Divorce in Latvia

I am a non-EU citizen and married to a Latvian. We have a child. Does anyone have any experience regarding divorcing in Latvia? Any recommendations as to a law firm?

Where you can file for divorce depends on where you and/or your spouse live or have last been living before the separation - the detail is here: europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/family/couple/divorce-separation/index_en.htm. If you scroll down towards the bottom of that page, there is a dropdown which contains links on the legal situation with regard to divorce in all EU member states, including Latvia.

Dear NON EU ,
First, I am very sorry to hear that you are going through a divorce, I know it is difficult, been there, done that !!! If you (both) are mutually agreeable, you really do not have to have a blood-sucking lawyer, you can go to the magistrate and petition for divorce decree, as long as you both sign, and agree to the terms...you can do this yourself...if however, one wants to be a fighter and hater...then you will probably have to get a blood-sucker...good luck to you both...especially the child...remember, he, or she is not seeking out the divorce, continue to be a good father/mother...and role model for the child !!!  Good luck..