Is Latvia a right option for running a Jewelery business ?

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I'm planing to run a business(Jewelery) in Latvia (Riga). Could you please let me if Latvia is the right option for my business? How is friendly is the government policy?? How easy it is for a foreigner to do business over there ? Is there any language hurdle (I'm fluent in English & mediocre in Spanish) ? How do citizens look up to a foreigner(I really want make some lifetime friends)? Experienced business & entrepreneurs your valuable inputs are deeply appreciated!

Hello,my name is Baronet Kevin Parr. I came to reside in Latvia three year ago from my native England. I became a resident by paying a Government charge of very little but as a resident I am able to buy a house live here with some rights but unable to vote or run a business. After five years that residency expires and to renew again another charge or pay to be a citizen. You also have to always have medical insurance to even be resident but this I think is normal all over the world. I acme from national health so I found all of this very strange. I have lived in UK 60 odd years and now retired I need not a job. If you are contemplating moving here only Riga is a place to start out. It is the only vast city here and it has everything. I advise phoning your Embassy  and tell them you want a business EU card and reside here.You see they will want you to buy citizenship but say you will after five years of business. I find as outside Riga property is far cheaper but no jobs outside of city. Many small towns like Limbazi  have supermarkets and jobs for a few. About forty percent of the smallish population are unemployed and a lot of youth have left to work in UK or USA. Now if your business is not connected to the Computer then try asking the Latvian Government or even the EU in Brussels. Internet fixers are two a penny here but engineers not here in abundance.Things like cafes are all over and so to are garages for repairs. I hope this helps you but why leave a warm country like Spain? Winter here is far below 34 C at times. Summers are warmer at 90C a lot of days.Great white sand beached coast line for barbq and water sports and dirt roads to get there.I like it but it is what you can do here to stay .A mate from UK started a wine making business here and it is very successful and he paid out quite a bit to get permission. So it is possible with help to get on top. Money talks but you need only a few thousand to stay ahead.

Thank you very much Kevin for that detailed highlights. By the way I'm currently residing in India. I am not very much sure of moving to Latvia , Just get a preliminary idea about  country's culture , economy , business weather , etc before I take the final call. If you have any further suggestions regarding a new country where I can successfully setup and run the business your most welcome. Once again thanks a tone for the info !

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