Driving license in Latvia

Hi all,

Can a foreigner take the driving test in Latvia?

What are the formalities to get a driver's licence in Latvia?

Do you need special or extra documents being an expatriate?

How much does it cost?

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In order to get a driving licence in Latvia you have to be a resident (at least temporary) and have assigned personal id (personālais kods).
Only then you are eligible to apply for a course in any driving school in Latvia. (Usually it takes 1-2 months)
Also you have to take at least 12 hours of practical lessons (driving) (it can be done simultaneously)
After that you can apply for a licence in CSDD (Latvian Transport Registry).
Exam is in two parts theoretical and practical.
you can try your skills in theorical exam online here (in English language as well)


all you need is to find a person who speaks English.
The best way to validate is to call any of these people http://www.macibu.lv/ru/instruktori and try to speak with them English. You will be able to evaluate their English skills straightaway :)

Hi, I try to find driving terms LV in English, I didin t find ,, its disaster,,

Hi there,

Is there anyone who has managed to obtain LV driving license without knowing Latvian language?
Did you manage to find traffic rules in English?
Can you recommend Driving School or a specific teacher who has good English and can help you to get through this process? In the current situation quality is more important than costs.

Thank you all in advance!

there is a driving school in Riga, which focuses on Expats without knowing Russian or Latvian

I am looking lettonia driving license how can I get this pls guide me

Hello, does anyone knows which schools exactly provide theory course in English ?
VIP Autoskola doesnt have in english, just called them

thanks in advance

Hi Tobbytelly,
Did you get your license?

Shafique did you find out any driving school that dives English classes?
Please share as I'm looking too for a theory class in English.

DBS.LV  - they have theory course in English. We just called recently, they have English group starting in January. You have to apply through web page for course, and they form a group, maybe it starts even earlier

Hello it may be worth mentioning that if you have any other European driving license that is in force you can change it into a Latvian driving license over the counter by filling in some forms at Government office in Riga.I think it can also be done in other towns too.I hope this helps anyone whom is in this position.

DBS.LV  - they have theory course in English. We just called recently, they have English group starting in January. You have to apply through web page for course, and they form a group, maybe it starts even earlier

Thank you Igors :)

What is the process of change england license into latvian license

Hi Sahi Ali, if you have a personal code, then you can get a medical checkup done at your family doctor for eye sight etc. and with this medical report go to the CSDD (Roads and traffic authority here in Riga) office and submit your license copy for them to begin the process.
Once they have ascertained the authenticity of your license, they will summon you to the office and you can go and choose an exam date.
The exam will only be a practical one and all you need to do is pay the fees and take the exam.
After you've passed the exam you will have your license in 30 mins.
Hope this helps.

Hello Naesby -
I am a Latvian citizen with a LatviaN passport.
My license is British UK and I need an EU license (Latvian).
Could you advice on what the process is for me. Thanks so much in advance.

If you live in Latvia go to driving license Government office in your town or city. Take license British with you . They will do it all for you .All info you will be asked you will know.So dont fear just appear and ask for license form to transfer over to Latvian. EU one costs money as extended to new Latvian license. Not much. With ,me being English living near Limbazi I have to tell only insurance when i want to drive outside of our borders . You being Latvian will have it easy its your nation. Hope that seems easy ,as it sure is .Yours Sir Kevin Parr Bt

Thank you so much for your reply.
I don't actually live/work in Latvia. I can only get an address and have a passport.
Will they ask for proof of address / proof of emolyment in Latvia?

Not a hope sorry.If your on a British License it will give you 3 months of oversea driving in EU or most other nations accept British anytime. I can drive back to England on Latvian driving License and in 3 months automatic replacement to English one as have house over there . If you are in EU any license really grant you 3 months  on it. If more is needed you must say why to dept of nation your in. I retired as lawyer in UK Then license UK takes you all over world but 3 months is max .Hope this helps as without knowing more of you cannot really advise .Yours Sir Kevin


I've been living in Latvia for 3 years on and off now,

I've been stopped numerous times for police checks and they have never said anything about my uk driving licence.

But law states you should change it...

@Vijay Siwach Hey did you finally get your license in Latvia?

Iam THE same to you brother i want to learn latvia driving license

@Armand You can drive in Latvia on British License until it runs out but British car only 3 months . I changed my British License about year after I came here as it made sense to me to do that. To get Latvian License is simply cost 10 euro for new photo and paper work .You loose none of your list of vehicles either and there are no points in Latvia just big fat fines for speeding. Get 3 in year and can loose license. Driving outside of Riga is less risky

I know this is months later, but here goes.

I am a Brit with Latvian Permanent Residency, but still UK Full Passport. When my Mother passed away and then I sold my Summer 'home' in UK - I was no longer able to renew my UK licence.

In Latvia all normal transport matters such as vehicle inspection / drivers licence etc. are handled by CSDD - the Department setup by Lat Govt with office in each town.

The full UK licence, many others are also, is accepted for exchange with Latvian Licence in a 'same day exercise' ... BUT :

Latvia requires the old licence to be handed in and they send back to issuing authority to cancel. In my case - my UK licence Photocard was taken and sent back to UK. The Paper document was of no interest to them as Latvia does not accept it - due to it having no photo. I still have that somewhere - handy if I ever wish to return to UK and wish to have UK licence again ... maybe !

Any classes such as Agricultural Tractor etc. that are written in 'italics' on the UK licence are not transferred to Latvian. Under UK licence laws - those classes written in 'italics' are only valid within UK.

If you have Trailer / Light Goods Vehicle Class on your UK licence - these are transferred to Latvian as is and do not require examination.

One of the main items of Latvian Licencing - if you need to take examination - such as Agricultural Tractor - then it has to be in Latvian Language with a specified training course.

UK does not restrict persons right to hold a Driving Licence in another State, while retaining UK licence. But sadly many countries such as Latvia do not allow this.

The 'work-around' is to apply and receive Latvian Licence. Then as long as you still have UK residence and able to produce Utility Bill evidence of UK status - you apply for replacement UK licence. Just do not inform Latvia of such new UK Licence.

The matter of the classes in 'italics' - I had long discussions with UK DVLC about this when Latvian CSDD / Transport Section refused to allow me to drive my Tractor here. I also found out that UK DVLC was 'not interested' in return of my UK Licence by Latvia, and it was DVLC who suggested I apply for replacement - subject of course to my being eligible .....

If you haven't swapped your licence yet ... maybe the above helps.


Actually you lose any of the 'UK National Classes' on your UK LIcence ....

International Classes are in straight bold lettering. These transfer automatically to Latvian Licence without test.

UK National only Classes are in ITALIC non-bold lettering. These do not transfer and if you require for Latvia will require a Course and then examination - all held BY LAW in Latvian Language. An example of such item - Agricultural Tractor.

@solentlife I have a Latvian driving license as I live in Latvia .I changed mine years ago in less than three minutes all that I can drive on British License is printed same on Latvian license  even my army tank license  called track laying vehicles . Here no points on license for speeding just  a fine but I have slowed down in old age anyway.


Can I do C Driving license exam in Latvia in English?

In short NO. My advice is to take your driving test in own nation. Then you can use it in any Eu nation. Once established change it for Latvian license . So easy to do it costs around 5 euro and fill in a form hand over your license and they hand you over a new clean license for Latvia