RHD cars from UK. I have a 2 litre TDI sat unused in my shed.

Germany Poland Estonia all want English cars on their roads i know I have driven all over this world alone. I come to RURAL Latvia and waste a hand built car just because some ignorant peasant from no place in Government circles says no to EU. I  passed my driving test in London rush hour traffic. I hold a police advanced driving license never had an accident in 45 years of world driving. Now grounded by a youth who drives perhaps ten miles per day to work. i am less than happy with this vote to say we Brits are less than the inexperienced youth here who race and drift in cars that are frankly bombs ready to explode in the hands of novices. sand based atrial roads and no gutters or sleeping soldiers to slow the amount of traffic down is senseless. I have issues over this mans decree and intend to take it to Brussels. If any one else has a mind to complain join me as I am aware that many Latvian men have suffered loss bring British cars back with them which are not only cheaper to buy but road worthy and better looked after than ever found second hand in Latvia. TV show did deal with this but no address was issued to follow up.

I also have an advanced driving certificate, but I accept I'm not in the UK so I have to follow the rules of the county I'm a guest in.