Public transportation in Latvia

Hi all,

What do you think about the means of transportation in Latvia ?

Is the network of means of transportation well developed? What modes of transport are available?

Do you use them?

How much is a fare?

Are they relatively safe?

What is the mean of transportation you use the most in Latvia?

Thanks in advance for participating!

we have trolley, bus, minibus, tram.
There is one day ticket - it costs 1,5EURO for trolley, bus, tram.
There is also one way ticket - it costs 0,7~1EURO.

A lot of them are really new, purchased few months ago, so basiclly they are very safe.

Cheers, Emils.

Hi viiper,

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I think we have very good transportatiom(of course depend of place), but in capital- quite cheap (as normal Europe), 1way ticket cost 1Eur!

This is an old topic, but one that is likely going to be seen a lot, so maybe it can be expanded on:

Public Transport in Riga:

Some of the busses and trolleys may seem old (they are) but things usually run on time, and work well.

First off there are three systems of transit:  the Public System, the Microbus (Mee-krinch) and taxis.

Public: system is a set of large busses and trolleys that cover the system.  Fare is cheap, and can be paid on the bus, but it is better/cheaper to buy before hand at the shops (Narvessen) or the E-Talons machines (which have english).  Routes run often (rarely wait more than 10 minutes) and on-time until near midnight.  Consider getting a 10 ride ticket.  The E-Talon tickets are waved in front of a reader on the bus/tram (green means good; red is bad.)
Private Bus: this is a set of small white/blue/yellow vans, which ride along fixed routes.  Cost is 45santimes (65 to get to the airport).  You wave down the bus as it is passing, and ask the driver to stop when you want off (language is rarely an impediment, but the drivers rarely speak english.)
Taxis: The green Baltic Taxi cars are clean and professional, and often speak english.  There are cheaper options, and flat rates can be negotiated if desired.  Keep an eye on the machine in the cheaper taxis.

There are good resources for the transit system.
- check out the page
- there is a free android app called 'RigaTransports' which has maps for all of the routes.


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