Driver's license in Latvia

  Is it easy to obtain a driver's license in Latvia? Can I convert my Chinese license to Latvian one?

Your Chinese D.L. will probably not be equivalent to the E.U. license. 
If you moved to Latvia with an accepted Europeans Union driver's license, then it would allow you to legally drive here.

If your foreign license is accepted, then you will be asked to convert the license to a European license.  This means that you give the police/government your license, plus pay a fee, and after a short period of time, you receive a European license.

I am told that, as a Canadian, I can drive with my Can D.L., for a period of 30 days, before I must convert my license.  I haven't do so, but I don't drive here.

Note that this is only my understanding, which will hopefully be confirmed or denied by others.

Thanks Jaxxed. Appreciate your message and help. I will find out when I reach there.