How is life in Latvia? Cost of living, jobs, gyms, education?

Hey Guys,

I'm Malith from Sri Lanka and I hope to pursue my higher studies in Latvia from this year September itself. Therefore I would like to ask some questions from you to get an idea about the students life in latvia. I'll write them down below in point form. :)

1. Is it cheap or cost living in latvia comparing to other European countries?
2. Can we find accommodation for low prices?  How much could be the cost approx.
3. How's the Education level in latvia?
4. Can we do part time jobs while studying? 
5. how much will be the gym membership? 
6. How much will be the ticket price from Riga to Milan, Italy?

Hope you guys will be kind enough to answer my these questions. 

Thanks a lot for taking time to read this. :)

Have you got scholarship from Open Society Foundation? I will be there in Sept too

Hello gehan manula,

I would suggest that you browse the following thread that contain most of the answers in regards to your post, kindly refer to the link below :

> Cost of living in Latvia – 2015

Hope this helps,

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