Puerto montt

are there any americans living in puerto montt chile? please contact me

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hello, I want go to emiratos arabes for work.

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What do you think of Puerto Montt?
I have an opportunity to go there during 4 months.
Is this a cute city or not? Is there any activities?

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I'm an American expat in the same general area, though not in Puerto Montt at this time.  We're looking for a house to rent in Valdivia, though if our luck doesn't start improving we'll soon start looking in other towns such as Puerto Montt!  It's nice knowing there is at least one other expat down south.

Hi Jennifer
I am looking at moving to the area in the next year, any insight would be most appreciated.

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looking for information about Puerto Montt.


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Erika 548 wrote:

are there any americans living in puerto montt chile?

There are many Americans in Puerto Montt, Chile.  South Americans.

I visited Puerto Montt a few years ago, while I was recovering from a stomach virus that I apparently picked up in Santiago.  I didn't seek medical assistance and the problem cleared up in on its own during that sunny, healthful week.

I shot baskets, baloncesto, several times that week near a main town square.  It was all very picturesque; nobody else was on the court;  I remember Puerto Montt as a pretty city.


Checking the four-season climate today at the city's Wikipedia page, the summers are mild with the daytime highs each month averaging under 20 degrees Celcius and under 70 Fahrenheit.  It's cooler in the summertime than closeby inland areas due to ocean breezes.  Winters seem mild, according to the statistics I viewed.


Go that far south .. and it becomes an enormous trip to travel back to most places in North America.  Just sayin'.


I live near P. Montt
Write me ***

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Hi Milila
I am looking at moving to Puerto Montt or the surrounding area, any information would be much appreciated. I would like to find a small piece of land near or on the water. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

arlogden wrote:

I would like to find a small piece of land near or on the water.

Dear Arlogden,

1.  Rent, don't buy.  I would be glad to explain if asked.

2.  Two reasons to seek land with a water view, not directly on the water....

Water-view is typically less expensive.

Direct-on-the-water property is in jeopardy of the disastrous effects of what water can do.  I found this out when I was attempting to acquire a house on land along a pond in upstate New York.  From my layman's observation, the property appeared solid.

Fortunately, my mother's part-time housekeeper lived nearby the property .. and knew that there had been water problems on it.  The house was actually resting on a swamp. This scotched the deal.

The seller's real estate agent had not disclosed the deficiency and may not have been obligated to so disclose. 

I ended up buying a house away from any waters, in Fairfield County, CT, where no water problems occurred.


Thanks for that insight!

once you are in chile you will need to settle down. once you settle down you can figure out what you want to do. baby steps. do everything with a lawyer once you figured out what you want to do. lawyer cost about 400.000 clp for entire process of buying property.

Thank you vivoojo, I have been told to get a lawyer for all property transactions.

no problem. if you buy rural property there is no taxes. once you are confident in Chile you will not need a lawyer to buy as long as you can read in Spanish. title searches are really easy in Chile. but if you are a newbie i would suggest go to chile on vacation a few times. just rent and feel the place out and if you actually like the area.

We were hoping of coming down over Christmas, however, at this time travel is still restricted. We will keep an eye on the situation and hoping it will improve. Any insight on the COVID situation?

looks like chile boarders are closed to noncitizens and nonresidents until june.  covid situation is the same as USA. the only thing is that im chile the restriction of movement to preventvthe spread of covid is extreme and silly.   rega4ding buying checkout yapo.cl a site where iwner sell property..also goto banco estado propridads and serach. i have 2 condos in vina del mar area. i rent one out for geeat return. i live in another and pay only exoenses ariund 185.000 clp a month which includes maint fee.  2 locations that are great buys are vina orient 2 (located in vina dulce)and uno norte (in canal begal). they are condos  with parking, pool, gym, park area. you can buy for about 50k usd, taxes very low like 500usd year.

I am hoping the borders are open by December. What is the closest airport? My last trip we flew into San Carlos de Bariloche but looking at the map it is a 5 hour drive and would like to get closer if possible. Thanks again you have been a lot of help and I really appreciate it.

the boarder should be open by july. honestly i have no idea that place is to far sourh for me. but i saw nice new homes on banco esrtaso sote for 1.7uf 3br 1 bath house.  i would just goto scl airport thanntake domestic fly. domestic flight are god deals like 80 buvks one way from scl to the south. no promblem. ha4d to find people who are interested in CLP and chile investment. if i was you i would look into lithium stock and 5g stock in Chile :)