Starting Over

Hello everyone ;-)

I'm a little nervous and very excited. I have always wanted to move to Chile but was afraid of moving so far away.  Now, I have decided the time is right to make the move.

If anyone has the patience and the time to assist me, I would be humbly grateful.

Thank you and have a super evening.


Hi Orphanannie,

I've been living in CL for the last 3.5 years now, so I might be able to assist you in your needs...
Let me know what you would like to know and I'll see what I can find for you :)

Saludos! Adam.

Hi Orphanannie,

Welcome to Expat-blog! :)

ejje is a big step!, my name is Ricardo i live in Santiago de Chile, i don't speak too much english but if you need help add me to msn or send me message for this website if you have questions (msn: )

Regards and i hope that you enjoy our country


Thank you, I'm planning a visit soon to see whether or not I could live there.

I hope that do you enjoy Chile, i recommend Santiago, if you want to have a good job. Near from Santiago there is a another city, that is more beauty than Santiago, is called Viña del Mar is a touristic city .. there are beachs and people is nice.


Hi there,

thank you I will see as much as I can before making up my mind.  I'm also thinking of moving to Cyprus.  What are your plans?  I see you want to go to Belgium, why there?  Have an awesome Sunday.