Nigerian in Chile

Is there any Nigerian in Chile?

Is there any Nigerian in Chile?  Pls contact me as soon as possible

Hello and welcome Martinokoye,

Since you were off-topic on the thread where you initially posted, I have created this new topic from your questions on the Chile forum.

I would suggest that you introduce yourself in a few words ... Since when are you in Chile and why are you looking for Nigerian nationals ?

All the best


@martinokoye hi am a Nigerian planning to migrate with my family to Chile soon, please can you guide me. ****. Thanks.

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@Bhavna Hi, I arrived Chile 5months ago for work. I am looking for my country's people as they represent my brothers and sisters in a foreign land, just for communication purposes, that's all. Cheers!

@IJELE EMPORIUM NIG LTD Hi, I don't know that much about the country yet. You may however be specific with your questions. If I have any ideas, I would let you know. Cheers

@martinokoye how can a visitor connect with Nigerian community in Chile

I intend moving to Chile for my masters degree...... Please I need to connect to Nigerians that's are already residing in Chile , so I can ask for  guidance when ever am stock

@Cletije Hello and welcome !

Have you contacted your university ?