Accommodation in Santiago

Accommodation in Santiago
Updated 2020-02-27 08:04

There are many options for housing in Santiago, including many different types of areas to live as well as different price points. This article gives you an insight into the local rental market and tips for finding a home.

Neighbourhoods in Santiago

Providencia is an upscale residential area, bustling with a combination of family-friendly restaurants, and nightlife. The main street is Avenida Nueva Providencia which is busy at all times of the day. But if you live a few streets off of the main one, you won't have as much trouble with noise and crowds. Classic architecture makes this an enjoyable place to walk around with beautiful parks and squares throughout.

Providencia is a medium price rental area. One-bedroom apartments can be had for as low as 450,000 CLP monthly while three-bedrooms start at 650,000 CLP monthly (See for the latest currency conversions).

Las Condes is a large, wealthy district surrounded by parks and great shopping malls including Parque Arauco Mall and Alto Las Condes. Most of the business activity in Las Condes is situated along or nearby Apoquindo Avenue. The further you go from this street, the more residential buildings you will find. It is a medium to high price rental area with a one-bedroom apartment starting at 450,000 CLP and three-bedrooms starting at 1,000,000 CLP monthly.

Vitacura is a residential district with lots of families of mostly middle to upper-class Chileans. Vitacura is good if you plan to work from home or have a family, but it is not close to the metro and is one of the most expensive places in the city. A car is needed to live in this area, as distances are great. There are some buses that offer transportation downtown, but expect an hour or more commute without a car.

Ñuñoa is one of the more reasonably priced areas of the city, and while its reputation isn't as upscale as Las Condes or Providencia, it is becoming an increasingly popular area to live. While El Golf is one of the most expensive areas to live in due to its proximity to the financial district known as 'Sanhattan'. It is a nice and safe neighbourhood that is well-located. Prices for a one-bedroom start at 550,000 CLP monthly and a three-bedroom starts at 1,100,000 CLP monthly.

Bellas Artes / Lastarria, toward the eastern part of downtown Santiago, is a trendy residential area with neoclassical architecture resembling Europe. Cobblestone streets are filled with coffee shops, restaurants and street vendors. Prices start at 300,000 CLP monthly for a one-bedroom and three-bedrooms at 500,000 CLP monthly.

Contract and deposit in Santiago

Many apartments are offered via real estate agencies, in which case you will generally have to pay them half a month's rent upon completing the contract. Once you have chosen the apartment, you need to verify that the contract includes all of the agreements discussed with the landlord, as it is the only legal instrument that covers rentals. Furthermore, make sure the contract is signed by both parties and notarized; otherwise, it is not considered a fully legal document. 

The average security deposit priced at one month of rent is the standard. An additional security deposit might be required in some cases. e.g. if the renter has pets or does not have the documentation necessary to rent. This deposit should be returned at the end of the lease minus any costs for pending utilities, damaged items and repairs (if any) plus cleaning. 

Utilities are comprised of: Gastos comunes (common expenses of the building), electricity, gas (not all apartments use gas), water, internet, and cable (when requested). For some apartments, you can ask for the utilities to be included in the rent price as a whole package; however, it might be slightly more expensive than paying it on your own due to additional administrative work and risk. 

Some apartments come furnished, but they will be more expensive. An unfurnished apartment is typically 20-40% cheaper. Look around and compare prices. It is a renters market, so be prepared to negotiate!

Finally, if you are interested in buying in Santiago, see our article on Buying property in Chile.

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