Mid Feb trip to chile coming up soon - contacts?


I will be in Santiago Chile, Mid Feb-Mar 2.

I want to meet somehow who lives there to get an idea about my making plans to retire there.  Strongly considering taking the Telf.I-to-I English course for credential and getting a job there along with my USA retirement.  if Anyone is around to meet for lunch on me well, I have questions to ask.  would be great meeting up with someone there.  Will travel after Santiago --a bit.

Enjoy sea sides, and snapshot of the coastlines !!


Well, dates have changed, in Santiago Feb 24 for 5 days. off exploring after that for 2 weeks.

Have not gotten much input on this site, maybe just don't know how to use it well, yet.

Hey! Hello!
My name is Ricardo, iŽm chilean, if you have some question that i could help you, Send me an email and i will give some information



Thank you for responding. I got the impression that the cost of living was a high as most good size cities in the USA.
I am considering teaching there, and I understand to rent an appartment, one needs a RUT identification, correct?

What is good to see in Santiago? I did a city and hill top tour the last time plus a Chilean entertainment event one evening, otherwise took picture of the area.

Is it true that Chileans do not want to have their pictures taken?  I noticed this in my photos when I put them on my computer and really looked at them someone in most pictures were displeased with my taking pictures. 

I work with a Chilean Refugee, and she told me that folks there don't like pictures of them because of the police state issues in the distant past....   She may be giving me a slanted picture which I think mostly she does.

what to visit. I am considering teaching english there in a year, and later will have to meet educators to interview for positions, and make contact to rent a room, since I will not have a RUT identification right away.   Anyway a bunch of thoughts here....

Coatal_Lover  /  CL_Coastal    me.

what good jazz places in Santiago, also good restaurants near cental of town.  I like music and a mellow atmosphere ...

Hi, Coast Lover

Maybe I can help you if you want legal information in your trip. My mother works in inmigration area.

Gogot wrote:

Hi, Coast Lover

Maybe I can help you if you want legal information in your trip. My mother works in inmigration area.

Hello Mr. Gogot my name is Roy I live in South Carolina usa and would appreciate any help you could give me on retiring to your beautiful country. I have sufficiont retirement monies to live on.What do I need to bring to apply for residency? thank you,Roy