Wonder if there's an Asian presence in the capital cities & elsewhere?

Hi. I'm Philip from Kuala Lumpur and am doing some research on Chile with the view to move there in the next 5 years. I wonder if there's an Asian presence in the capital cities and elsewhere and whether we will be facing a lot of challenges to settle there. I used to spend a lot of time in Canada and Australia so English isn't a worry for me. Picking up Spanish is on my to-do list.

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the Asian community is large among Chinese, Koreans, hindu, and other nationalities, chile is a cosmopolitan country become a little kick but that road goes, English is a priority for some outstanding jobs, but will have the Chilean Spanish and will learn fast, and the level of chili made ​​many changes we are the only country in south america and central america do not need visa for usa. stable economy, there are jobs in different course areas that are not pay as you liked australia.pero is very cute southern chile.

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hi that is 13 malaysian in chile. that is a malaysia embassy here