Updated last year

My personal “pros” of living in Chile

I wanted to outline the personal aspects I enjoyed about this country,as outlined in my web site : www.livinginchile.net

- the modernism of the city of Santiago (basically the middle and upper class neighbourhoods),with similiarities to some american cities.I also enjoy the “Metro of Santiago”,subway lines that are very efficient and clean,and take you to most parts of the city without the need of driving your car

- the cleanliness of the city,and care for keeping the city clean

- the economic stability,with no significant inflation nor devaluation of their currency,with easy access to bank loans with good interest rates

- the huge amount of american franchisings,making it very enjoyable to count on good food chains,banks,hotels,cinemas,courriers,and so many other american companies and services(like living in any american city)

- the good ratio of services vs fees of banks,telephone,electricity,etc

- great medical clinics,similar to the ones in the United States.Modern medical and dental facilities,with good providers.Though having access to these clinics requires to have a private health insurance,they are affordable

- absence of violent robbings,terrorism or kidnappings. This is a plus in South America(unlike countries like Argentina,Colombia,Mexico and Brazil,unable to control the huge amount of violent crimes and abductions)

- the availability of lots of international brands & products at great prices, in relation to the country of origin(cars,electronics,households,etc)

- the kindness, respect and diplomacy of the people,specially with foreigners,makes it comfortable while living in Chile

- the possibility of growing financially in my profession,thanks to the stable economy and the easiness to get well known if you do good marketing of yourself while provide good professional services.Some foreigners grow faster in their business than many chileans,because many of us come with new ideas,might be more creative than the average chilean,or more trusted for our work or product.Part of the chilean society prefers products or services that come from overseas than the local ones

- the political,economical and social stability,where social unrest,street manifestations or union strikes are uncommon.Also,there is almost no inflation,banks are 100% trustable and investing is not that all risky

- the great amount of foreigners from all parts of the world

(north americans, europeans,latinamericans,mexicans and russians among others ),making it interesting to socialize with other cultures rather than the locals only.You can hear people in fine restaurants talking many languages

- No racial problems,even if there is no black community living in Chile.    I personally think this is an issue when living in the States or other places,specially for emigrants that have been raised in a a caucasian society.There is though some discrimination against chileans with indian traits,but it hasn´t been that bad,because there is no provocation on one another.Or maybe because chileans never show or express their racist and classist feelings or thoughts.I did noticed some discrimination against asians 

- The nice weather of Santiago: 4 well-differenciated seasons,with absence of winds,absence of rains between october and april,absence of humidity, a winter season that isn´t that tough and summers that aren´t too hot nor unbearable.The dry weather is similar to Southern California.

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