what is the job market like for foreigners in santiago?

Hi everyone.  My girlfriend and I are trying to establish ourselves in Santiago.  We are both from New York, USA, and are traveling in Argentina right now.  We left Chile after the protests started. We would like to make our way back to Santiago within a couple weeks to search for work and settle there.  It seems like a difficult time to try to move to Chile.  I am looking for your opinions regarding whether I am likely to find work. 

In the USA I am a lawyer with experience in corporate and business law.  My Spanish ability is conversational but not fluent.  I will be on a tourist visa so I would be looking for the employer to provide a contract for a visa ‘al contrato.’

In your opinion, am I likely to find work in the legal field?  Am I likely to find work in any professional field? 

I really need your opinions.  If there is a good chance of me finding work i will stay in Santiago and search for work.  If there is little chance of finding work I would have to return to the USA.  Thank you for your opinions!

Hi DVarac,

I should say from my experience that finding a good job in Santiago is not easy if your Spanish is not fluent. Almost all employers want fluent Spanish. Another thing to consider while looking for a job in the legal field in Santiago is that you'll need to know local laws and how they are applied, etc. These are just my humble observations. Anyway you can give it a try and see whether it will work for you or not. Hope this helps.

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