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As South America's most stable country, Chile is significantly influenced by Western cultures. It is indeed a choice destination for expatriation thanks to its warm and hospitable population, its impressive landscapes and its great cultural and natural diversity.

Chile's openness to the rest of the world is a considerable advantage for expatriates looking for professional opportunities. Welcome to Chile!

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Rentals are common in Chile for houses and cabins in the country and small towns and apartments in the city. Prices can be higher over the summer in tourist areas like in the south.

There are many options for housing in Santiago and many different types of areas to live in with many different price ranges.

Chile has a history of strong private property rights for Chilean citizens and for foreigners. The government may legally expropriate property, including the property of foreign investors, for public or national interests, but property rights and contracts are strongly respected, and expropriation is rare.

Chile is ranked as a high-income economy (first world or developed country) by the World Bank and is considered as South America's most stable and prosperous nation leading Latin American nations in competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, economic freedom, and low perception of corruption according to the United Nations Development Program.

In order to work in Chile, you must apply for a work visa. This visa permits you to work in the country for up to 2 years with a specific employer with whom you have a contract. It can be renewed after 2 years and includes all your dependents.

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