Cheapest city with good wifi

My Mexican husband and I plan to move to Chile later this year from the US. He's fluent while I failed high school Spanish 4. :/

We will have our 2 pet bunnies. They live 100% cage free, so they're more like cats than anything.

I'm also mildly disabled. I use a cane but can usually walk fine without.

What is the cheapest city to live? We are digital nomads and crypto investors and perfectly content to live a quiet life until 2024. We don't want to live in large cities, just anywhere with reliable utilities and wifi.

Thank you 😊

Congratulations on your upcoming move!  I would recommend Valparaiso  It's more affordable than other major cities in Chile like Santiago, and also Concepcion for the high-speed internet, Lastly is Temuco which is also affordable city. 1f642.svg