Visa for Chile

I live in Nicaragua now but thinking of moving to Chile early next year Do I have to go back to the states to get some of the requirements or can I do it all in Chile

Hi piattepye, thanks for your enquiry.

I assume you are a US citizen and want to apply for a temporary residency in Chile right?

If so, you need some docs from the US (i.e. police certificate), which you can order from abroad, there is usually no need to travel back.

Just be aware that - under the new immigration law in Chile (came into force in Feb last year) - the application has to be sent in from abroad. The law does not allow you to apply from within Chile. There are only a few exceptions to that rule, i.e. if you want to apply in the family category, having family links to a Chilean person.

Hope that helps to answer your question.

Best regards, Peter


Thanks for the info