Immigration lawyers in Chile helping to get residency visas

Dear all,

Are there any reasonable lawyers in chile who help people getting residency visas?

Looking fwd

Hello Odan,

Well you can check out in the Chile business directory if you find a lawyer which meets your needs >Legal services in Chile. You can contact them and inquire   :)

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Thanks Bhavana. I have already been through them...

Hello Odan.
I am searching for a good immigration  lawyer in Chile. If you find a good o e please advise.
Thank you


I am interested in finding immigration agents to chile as well !

I may be of help. ***. What do you need to know?

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Hi Bhavana

is that possible you to help me to get migrate to chile

Waiting to hear you


Good evening.  I need to know process to.get.residency in Chile and then citizenship.

It will depend on whether you have an employment contract or not. If you have an employment contract you can apply for the "subject to contract visa" (visa sujeta a contrato) from overseas or in Chile, and also for the temporary visa for labor purposes (visa temporaria por motivos laborales).

If you have hold a professional or technical degree you apply for a temporary visa for professionals. However, you need to have a job offer.

If you don't count with an employment contract nor job offer you will have to apply for a temporary visa based on:
a) family ties with a Chilean citizen, or foreigner with Permanent Residency;
b) investments to be made in Chile;
c) assets located overseas or in Chile which generate you periodic income.

You can also apply for a student visa, which will be valid until completion of the studies. However, if you want to work, you can only do it by applying for a special work permit, and in just two cases: in order to carry out the professional practice and in order to pay for the studies.

In order to obtain the Permanent Residency in Chile, you will need to:
a) Hold a subject to contract visa for 2 years.
b) Hold a student visa for 2 years, and having completed the studies.
c) Hold a temporary visa (motivos laborales and others) for 1 year.

In order to obtain the citizenship, you need to hold the Permanent Residency for 5 consecutive years.

Thx dear for all these info.
Well I am a mechanical engineer with 16 years of experience. But i think job offer is gonna be difficult as I do not speak spanish,  in addition: can I work as an engineer? Or my degree.needs to be validated in Chile?

On the other hand. Can provide.some about investment visa? How does it work?

Michas gracias in advance.


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I'm looking to apply for TE6 periodic income visa

I am currently in chile

can you please help


I am interested in migrating to Chile. I am an Indian currently living in Dubai.

Can you help me in this process.

Thank you.

I am Anuj an Indian national working on board ships for a multinational shipping company from last 15 years as a deck officer.
Do I qualify for migration to Chile and if yes how can I initiate the process.

Dear Duminda,

I have a good lawer, i m a Sri-Lankan too if you are interested in can give details


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