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Your new, updated Chile guide is now live! Here at, we strive to bring you the most accurate and updated information!

The updated Chile guide is packed with information. From leisure to the job market and the transport system, you will find all the updated information you need about this beautiful country in our updated guide!

Below are the different topics addressed. You can click on them to get direct access.

Travelling to Chile

Permanent residence in Chile
Visas for Chile

The labour market in Chile
Working in Chile
Working in Santiago

Study in Chile

Renting houses in Chile
Accommodation in Santiago
Buying property in Chile

Banking and finance in Chile:
The cost of living in Chile
Banking and finances in Chile

Taxes in Chile

The healthcare system in Chile

Driver's licence:
Driving in Chile

Phones and Internet in Chile

Leisure activities in Chile
Leisure activities in Santiago

Getting around in Chile

Relocating to Chile
Moving to Chile with your pet

Everyday life in Chile:
The Chile lifestyle
The Chilean cuisine
Culture and traditions in Chile
Raising children in Chile
Safety in Chile

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Wow, this updated Chile guide is impressive! It covers everything. As an expat, I appreciate having such a complete resource at my fingertips. Thanks,! Also, for those interested in guided tours, I suggest checking out ***  they have some great options! 1f642.svg

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