Moving to Chile with your family

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When settling abroad with your spouse and children, the expatriation process requires an extensive preparation.

What are the considerations to take into account when moving to Chile with your family? What challenges have you faced? How did your children adapt to their new environment?

What is your recipe for a successful family expatriation in Chile?

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My kids did great. At the time, they were 5, 14 & 15 and they were really on board with the adventure. After we settled in and the novelty wore off, there were few complaints. Mainly connectivity problems. But what made this home was when we got involved in the local community. Life long home schoolers were enrolled in the local school and the family joined a local chorus. Now when we go into town we see people we know everywhere we go and we are learning the language so we can communicate with our new friends!

Thank you for sharing wonderful information. I am moving to Chile with my family wife and 3 kids aging 13, 11 & 4. Almost similar case to your's. My kids are also on Homeschooling from long time. Really, if you can help me by guiding the right city/place to live and right school to join (English) It would be a great great help for me & my family.
GOD Bless you and your family ... Amen.
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I am looking for information about Chile or any other Latin American country where getting citizenship is easy and cheap.

I am thankful to you if you could help me in making me right decision.


Chile is okay but need lot of investment

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