New Friends!!

Hello Everyone! I am a Venezuelan living and studying Gastronomy/Culinary Arts in Santiago, Chile.  I am hoping to meet english speakers or any other language and becoming friends.. if you want to meet up in Bellavista someday, just text me..



Welcome on Angie :)

Thank you so much!

Bellavistaa rocks! but i prefer Manuel Montt and Suecia... there is a disco in Suecia that is safe and the music is the best but in this momento i don't remember :P

I had a friend from Venezuela that always talk about Gochos... jaja, i'm chilean and i want to know people to practice english too add me to msn




Hi, this is Shanu and i am from India :)

Good Luck

Hi everyone,

Tell me; how did you go about moving? Did you apply for a job in Chile before you left your own country? Or did you just pack up? Did you only start looking for a job once you got to Chile?

just packed and moved!


Nice one. :)
Are you still studying?
Why did you leave Venezuela? Aren't the Venezuelans the 'happiest nation on earth'? [That's what Guiness Records says].

I live in the US.  I don't speak spanish.  But I would like to visit Chile for a week.  I'm looking to meet friends on line that I can meet when I arrive.

My long term goal is to move to Chile.

oh! Great! well let me know about your trip, i currently work at the Ritz Carlton Santiago, maybe we could meet sometime! xo

Angie V