Seeking travel companion in December-- southern Chile

Hello! My name is Jo (when I'm in California) and Celeste (when I'm in Chile). Why two names? Because ' Jo' is difficult for Spanish speakers. It doesn't sound like Spanish at all. 'Celeste' works much better, and I like the name, too.

I moved to Chile two years ago, and I was very happy there. I'm back in San Francisco now, but I'm planning to return to Chile at the end of November. I plan to travel in southern Chile during December and January. I'm looking for a travel partner for part or all of those months.

A little about me: I'm a friendly, active woman of 58. I speak Spanish, but that's not a requirement for you. I have travelled in southern Chile last year, and also the year before - I know the region well.

I like to hike and backpack. I like accomodations without frills -- in Chile, that often means simple bedrooms with shared bathrooms in 'hospedajes' -- family homes with extra bedrooms.

Please reply telling me a little about yourself. If you're a younger person, please don't be put off by my age. I'm a grown-up hippie, perpetually young at heart!

hello CelesteJo,

Welcome to expat-blog and thank you for your introduction :)


Hi...My name is Anna Mae and I could meet you in December
for a week before Christmas. Maybe between the 10th and the 20th.
I have been down there to Chile and Argentina a couple years ago in end November. It was a great time to go. I did have some difficulty navigating situations at times without much Spanish!
I am also interested in cheap lodging and saving some money. Of course that is easier done by planning ahead and knowing the language.  I also like hiking and backpacking and all the outdoorsy things.  I am interested in checking out locations for a possible transfer to Chile and maybe setting up my sons business.  I have mostly been in southern and central Chile, and I would like to see more of the country. I loved the area around Puerto Varas! Let me know if you have come up with a specific destination for those dates I listed.

I hope u get a good trip to the south of Chile there are so many good places to go, you have Chiloe island, full of history, nicest people and so many good food (be careful, they will give you a lot of food jeje).

Torres del Paine is a good place too, Frutillar, Punta Arenas or Puerto Williams (the end of the world), but just a recommendation, there are hotels that are so expensive... if you now people from here or you like search in internet, you could self a lot of money and the more special is ... that there are good hostel where you can make contact with the people... that i think is the most important when you travel... know about their life, the history, the food...

IŽll share some good links to get information

National Agency of Tourism, you have good information here:

Info in English

Good luck!