Australian couple thinking about living in Chile

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My husband, who is Australian, and I are considering living in Chile (not sure yet which city..). We currently live in Sydney.

We are gradually learning about Chile but there are lots more to search. One of the best ways to get information is definitely talking to expats :).

We understand that Chile seems to be the most stable country in South America (economy, quality of life, health system, general level of education etc) and people are very welcoming. Are we on the right track?? ;)

We would love to chat to any foreigner specially Australians to learn what is like to live in Chile, please.

We would like to start by asking few questions:

- How is the safety/violence in Chile?
- How is the public health service?
- How is the education system? aAe public schools ok? (In Australia kids go to school (public usually) at the age of 5. Before that we have private day cares available).

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Do not hesitate to read the other threads on the Chile forum.

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I'm not an expat, I'm Chilean, but I can help on your questions;

How is safety / violence in Chile? ;
The opinion of foreigners who have traveled to other countries in Latin America, Chile qualifies asa fairly safe country. I have traveled in Europe and USA andSantiago is safer than Los Angeles, New York, Miami, SanFrancisco, Atlanta and other large cities. Overall Santiago has no major public safety issues. Here there is no danger of kidnappingsand robberies in the streets as Argentina, Colombia or Mexico, can walk alone. Obviously there are neighborhoods that are not recommended to visit (as elsewhere in the world).

- How is the public health servic? ;
This is a weak point for us as a country. While the level of public health has improved dramatically over the past 10 years, still well above the rest of Latin America, we still have much compared to Australia, Europe and USA. For it is best expat medical insurance that allows you access to the best health centers in the country, where are the best doctors and the most modern facilities.

- How is the education system? EPA public schools ok? ;
Here are the best choice private schools where you can find the best quality and the best facilities.

I hope I have been helpful.
Raul Rossel C


I would like to share with you some information about cities.

Santiago: The capital, if you want to be sure to get a good job and is your priority, probably this could be the best option. If you speak english will be easily, because here just the 2% of people speak english fluent. In Santiago is the international airport, there is a lot of private hospitals, concerts, cultural activity, I think Australian embassy is here too, etc! But the bad things is that there is too many people living there, a lot of smog, stress and bad transportation.

Viña del Mar: Very beautiful city, with beaches, cultural activity, clean, almost safe than others cities, is a turistic city. The weather is the best is not too could in winter and not too hot in summer.

Valparaiso: Is quite near Viña del mar, 30 minutes, is a port, is like San Francisco in USA (but in the chilean way!!), is bohemian, there is a lot of universities, is very classic you have the English Architecture in down town and a very typical chilean Architecture with colours and wood in hills.

There are a lot of options, could be Antofagasta if you want to get the best job opportunities, is a city in the north of Chile, where the cooper companies are (where the chilean money comes). Puerto Varas is in the south, has a lot of german influence, is in a beauty and big lake. Others: Valdivia, Concepcion, etc!

Depends about what are you looking for

Costs could be per month for you two(in US Dollars)
Rent: 400 to 800
Food/Vegetables: 250 350
Gas/Internet/Water/TV cable/Power/Phone: 240 to 400
Cinema/theatre ticket: 6 to 10
Go out for dinner: 35 to 45
Go out for lunch: 10 to 15
1 bus ticket: 1 to 1.1

I hope you can meet Australian people, if not, u could ask more questions here

Good luck!!