Tips for the Saudi Council of Engineers

Hi everyone,

I came through several posts asking about tips / info about the Saudi Council of Engineers, I thought I would share some info / tips with you that might help you throughout the process. Please note that you have to register to the Saudi Council of Engineers if your visa is an Engineer Visa.

The website for the Saudi Council of Engineers  is

You will find a button at the bottom of the page labeled "Register" , click that button and you are good to go!

Start providing the required info, make sure you use a valid mobile number and email address cause it will be the only mean of communication. Please note that they will NEVER EVER call you, they will only text you and send you emails. Each communication they send via both txt and email and in both Arabic and English so don't worry.

This part is easy I'm sure, then we get to the two main issues which usually confuses everyone.

First part is what level of engineer are you. There are 4 levels of engineers to choose from:

Participating Engineer
Professional Engineer

I would suggest you always choose "Engineer". the other levels require exams and those exams are available only at certain dates every year, this will delay your iqama process and frankly I don't know anyone who cares about getting benefits from the council other than getting your iqama processed ! The membership fee for "Engineer" is 1,200 SR. If you choose a higher level, you will pay more (for example, the fee for the Professional Engineer is 2,500 SR).

Second part is the Attachments required. They require the following attachments: (some additional attachments are required from certain nationalities)

1) Passport copy stamped by your Sponsor.
2) Graduation Certificate (should be stamped by the Saudi Embassy in your home country).
3) Authorization Letter (a template is available on the site, you should sign it and better stamp it by your company)
4) Introduction Letter from your company (stamped from the Chamber of Commerce) 
5) A Photo with white background

In order to review your request, they will ask you to pay 500 SR through SADAD. They are non refundable and they are not deducted from your membership fees stated earlier. Your company usually pays for the whole process.

Some additional attachments can be required for certain nationalities such as score cards, this info will be available on the site. But at least you have to prepare the above items before beginning your registration.

Within 10 days, they will send you an email and a text with the status of your request. It wasn't hard for me to be honest.

Well, thats all the tips I can think of for now ! In case you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to message me and I will do my best to help you out.

Thank you all for reading and hope this will help you.

Welcome and Good luck in Saudi Arabia !

i cant see the selection to choose

Participating Engineer
Professional Engineer

Dear all,
I am an Indian, can any body tell me for registration on SCE my degree need to be translate in Arabic or no need.

Please reply ASAP
thanks & regards

parwezzafar37 :

Dear all,
I am an Indian, can any body tell me for registration on SCE my degree need to be translate in Arabic or no need.

Please reply ASAP
thanks & regards

No need for translation

hi sir..

      i am completed B.E engineering by come through from under three years diploma my engineering graduation degree certificate mentioned three years only because of eligible to join  from direct second year in engineering..on this case .my engineering certificate  eligible for registering at Saudi council of engineering for engineer category

please advise me anybody registered with three years engineering completion degree by with under three years diploma degree..

Dear sir,

I have fany mechanic (Mechanical technician) Visa, I am Diploma Mechanical engineer.

Is it mandatory to register in SEC to make my New iqama?

I have newly join the company in Saudi Arabia 3 months before but I did not get my iqama now company is starting to make my iqama.

Please let me know on my email

Thanks and appreciate but can you tell me what if there is no reply within 10 days and can we visit sce office to inquire about the status.

I had problem uploading wrong document and my diploma is also not attested.

Is there any way that I can cancel my registration.

Also can I change my iqama profession during that period.

Please reply back

I’m from india. This month Jan 2020 i have been applied on SCE for engineering membership but they send massage like “Please access your profile to complete the inefficiencies” when i login into SCE website they asking to “attach your professional membership detail from your country”
In India they not provide any professional membership.
How to get accepted my application.My iqama expired soon.please help

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