New members of the Slovakia forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Slovakia forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Slovakia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Bonjour tout le monde,
Alors voilà, j'ai signé pour un VIE en Slovaquie et je me pose pas mal de questions. C'est la raison pour laquelle je me suis inscrite sur! Sinon j'ai déjà été expatriée et surtout fille d'expat', au Mali, au Tchad, au Maroc et en Tunisie.
A bientôt


I am new this blog, present location bratislava .

Looking for ward to work here or in Austria .

It will be great to meet people and make contacts .



Married to a Lovely Slovak.
We both work in KSA but have a house in Trencin.
I am ex-military and my Wife is a prof. Of linguistics (very smart!)
Would be pleased to meet you too (with my wife)
Feel free to contact me in Trencin
Roy Lewis

I'm from Argentina, lived in Europe since 2008, bought a property in Martin Slovakia and moved here with my SK fiancé in 2013.

im joy from london
doing business , living with fly

wat kind of business do u hv

Hello everyone, dobre den. I am a newly member of this site, the reason why i joined is to be able to meet filipinos in slovakia, i am an expat for 3 months (schengen visa). Just got married 3 weeks ago with a slovakian national.

Kind regards

Ahoj everyone, a newly member of this site. I am a Filipino married to a slovakian national, currently living in Slovakia. Hoping to meet new friends ☺. Pop a message and i would be glad. Ciao!

I have always thought that living in Europe was for me.  I have visited many summers over the years as I have family and friends there.  I guess I never had a plan or the courage to attempt it.  So I joined this blog to see what other ppl have done.  I don't speak the language so I would say finding a job would be hard.

Hi guys, I´m newbie too, I joined this website to meet new people and improve english, feel free to contact me :)

Hi Pam :) I am a filipina too!how are you?

hi everyone  :D

my fiancee is Philippina as well. We are young couple live in old city in Bratislava. We like meet new people. In Bratislava is Philippino group too. You can find them on facebook group pinoi in Slovakia. Every wednesday at 7:30pm until 10:00pm we are meeting with English speaking people on English tea time on Grosslingova 49 (http://www.

Hello im pam, newly married to a slovakian national. As of now just back to Philippines for some paperworks.


I just joined this group considering moving to slovakia with my partner was wondering if anyone can help me with any information or work opportunities preferrably in Kosice or Bratislava!!! Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Dear Gareth,

One Word of advice...enlist the help of a relocation agent in order to navigate your ways through the maze of the Alien Police!

Hi all,

I am new to this site - I am considering moving to Bratislava to take up a teaching job at a school in Bratislava in January - can anyone offer advice / tips about what life is like for expats living in Slovakia / Bratislava?


huh? lol

I am Romanian and i am working at Mochovce

Hello, im pam. Married to slovakian national. ☺

Hello, mrian. Im Filipina. Looking some filipina friends in slovakia.

Hello Everyone,
I am a Filipina and hopefully will grant for a Schenegan Visa. I will be heading in Slovakia for a short term employment. I'll be glad to meet new friends especially Filipina :)

I hope that I can make it there . .

Hi everyone,

I moved to Slovakia in September for my job, and my partner and daughter followed me out in October. We are living in Senica, which we enjoy. But it is very quiet and difficult to make friends as we don't speak the language yet, so hoping we can meet some other people living in the area here

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Hi moving to Bratislava in 10 days with Slovak fiancé  and I'll be looking for work after Christmas. Looking forward to it.

American researcher studying in Košice

I am a 28 year old graduate student doing research for the next six months in Košice and the surrounding areas.

I do not speak Slovak (I speak intermediate Czech), and I'd really like to meet some English-speaking friends.  I spent the past 6 months in Prague, and I made friends quickly because it was summertime and everyone was outside.  Snowy Košice is pretty, but it seems harder to meet people. 

I like hiking and running. I am an advanced swing dancer (though there doesn't seem to be venues for that) and a beginning salsa dancer . I play the ukulele poorly and I like to sing (also poorly).

Would any one recommend somewhere to get good coffee and/or good beer?

Have fun!


Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that this thread has been created so that the new members of can give a brief introduction of themselves. If you have any specific topic that you would like to talk about, I invite you to create a new thread in the Slovakia forum so as to avoid being off-topic here.

Additionally, for anyone who is looking for a job or has a job offer, please post your ad in the Jobs in Slovakia section.

Thank you all,

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Hello biggymarcus and welcome to :)

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hello everyone im samuel im here in slovakia with living with my gf and im looking too meet new folks hope your days is well

Thank you and congratulations for the really nice blog!
well, I'm brazilian,my name is Dalilah Acioli I'm 27 years old, i'm a teacher and i am in love for Slovakia since i started to think about living abroad, the city Kosice it is a really interesting place to me, i like the small country, small cities, just lovely to my eyes, i'm outgoing and friendly, i am calm and i like walking, so would never live in a place which is crowded :( then i am trying to find a way to earn money there and spending a little time to see if i enjoy it!   :D

Fingers crossed to realize your plan Lilah27 :D its always nice to visit another people, places, experiences :)

thank you so much!!!!!! :D

UK 63 year old and his local wife have property in Trencin but working in Riyad
We would be happy to contact expats in Slovakia
Roy Lewis

Hello Everyone,

I'm thrilled to be here in Slovakia! I'm currently the writer in residence at the Bridge Guard Residency in Štúrovo. I'm here with my wife and four year old son, getting over jet lag and trying to keep our young son busy!

Hi Torran
My Wife and I will be in Slovakia for a few weeks (we work in KSA)
[ Moderated by Priscilla : never share your phone number on a public forum for your own security ]feel free to call and we could arrange to meet.
We live inTrencin and will be there all of July.

Hi everybody,

Just to inform you that this thread has been created for the members to introduce themselves only.

If you are looking to make new acquaintances or if you have other questions to ask, i invite you to create a new thread on the Slovakia forum.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello Irishguy from the Britishguy
My Slovak Wife and I live in Trencin,just down the road from you.
We shall be there in July
Roy Lewis

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This Richard here I am from India. I am residing right now living in Dubnica nad vahom.

See ya guys

Hi everyone,

I and my Slovak husband will be relocated to Bratislava by August 2015. Currently we're lived in England. Would be great if I could found english speaking friends in here.