The girl of the Old Town Hall in Bratislava

On 22 of July I met a woman in Bratislava in Hlavne Nam in the Gate of Old Town Hall. We've often smiled, but unfortunately I said nothing because I can not Slovak. Now I try on this way to find this woman.
The woman is 28-30 years old, maybe a little older or younger. She had a book and played with her cell phone. We sat at the gate of Old Town Hall while it was raining. We've often smiled, the last time as we wanted to go outside the gate. I met her again a few minutes later, but unfortunately I interpreted her smile wrong and missed my last chance.
I hope this woman reads this message! If she want to write me, she could send me a mail to
If the readers of this mail know another slovak or czech forum, please copy this message. I want to reach as many forums as possible. Please help me! The woman was either Slovak or Czech.
This is not a spam. If possible, please translate the message in Slovak an Czech and copy it in other forums.

Hello hlavne_nam and welcome to!

I hope that you will soon find your smiling woman.:D


Thank you harmonie! I donŽt believe it, but I am going to try it. Could you copy my message in other forums in Slovakia or Czechia please? If possible slovak or chech forums? Unfortunately I donŽt speak slovak.