Anybody from Uk living in slovakia????


moved here from London 5 weeks ago


Hi Chris, how you getting on??? Why did you decide to move to slovakia????
I am Slovakian myself, but at the moment living in London, but would love to move back home:-)
My husband is british and we are considering to move to Slovakia. I would be ok ,but i am worried about my husband, how he will cope with language and people:-)

I think he will do fine.  I have lived here 3 years and it has taken a while to learn a few words of Slovak and basic sentences but if you are going to live in Bratislava then I doubt he will have problems with language as its multicultural and most people understand English. Good luck.

Hi Katarina,
I have lived in UK, London for few years, I am Polish myself and in Bratislava for almost 4 years already. Just now realized how fast time goes.
I am pretty sure your husband will be fine in here. I have myself loads of foreign friends in here and finding english speaking person is not hard at all. If your husband or you would have problems finding job for him/you, you can contact me bck, will be glad to help you out.
As I mentioned I am Polish so learning Slovak was not that hard, still after all these years I am unable to write as your gramma is a nightmare.
Good luck to both of you.

He need job in insurance underwriting, if anybody can help me to find something for him. Thank you.

I can only help with customer services, my business.

Hi there,

Thank you:-)
How you getting on?


Pretty fine. Did you make your decision yet?


Hi there,

I would love to move even tomorrow, is my husband is still 50:50, if he get good job then yes. I need to make him move there:-))) I miss my family sooo much>:-(

Wel, i am not much of a family-guy myself but can imagine what you go through as I have loads of friends in similar position to yours. I do, on the other hand, understand your husband. He is in his country, has friends there, family, job and does not feel any "need" of moving anywhere I guess.
In my opinion you can not force him to leave, it must be decision of you both, and be careful as well not to break anything. My advice.

He is a native speaker, he will always find a job in here, either teaching english, doing customer service for Dell, AT&T, IBM or whatever he would prefer. I am pretty sure of it.

Anyways, good luck!

szia....Brit here, living and working in Cornwall. Last year was in east Slovakia, Velke Kapusany for a long holiday with Slovak friends. I would move tomorrow if I could. I was offered a job ESL teaching English, but my Hungarian/Slovak is poor. So am learning!.. :) Planning to move.

Going back again in april 2014, I cant wait. Tell the hubby its great!..