An Irishman in Kosice

Hello everybody

A little about myself...
I am a 27 year old guy, originally from Ireland but living in London for the last 5 years. I will be moving to Kosice with my girlfriend, a Kosice native, in June - just a few weeks away.

I have only been to visit the city once, last summer. Whilst it and the surrounding countryside is beautiful, I am a little nervous about the change in pace from London!

My main reason for being on this forum is to find other expats in Kosice, learn a little about what it's like being a foreigner in this city (I do not speak the language yet), and generally just get involved in my new city.

Hope for some responses!

Hi nevlad and welcome to!

Hope that you'll get a lot of nice contacts here.;)


Hey Nevlad,

I'm in same position as you, Moving to Kosice with my boyfriend, who is Slovak, in Oct. have very basic Slovak :( but hoping that will change once we move,

Definatly going to be a big change but hoping that it will be worth while,

Let me know how you get on and maybe some tips once you have done your big move!! There is an Irish pub in the city centre so no doubt that will be your first port of call :D

Good Luck!!! :)

Hey Susan!At least you'll have more of the language than I do!I'm attempting to learn before I go but I figure the best way to learn is to be there.

I'm guessing you have been to Kosice before? It's great in that there's so many other places within driving distance - I visited last summer and managed to go to Budapest, Vienna and Bratislava. Krakow not far away either.

I have already emailed that Irish pub about a job actually! No reply but I figure I'll go in person once I arrive. Will probably become my home away from home anyways!

I will let you know how I get on for sure!

Best of luck


Hi Nevlad

I am an Australian living in Kosice for just over 2 years now.

There are actually 2 Irish pubs that I know of.

2 years and I still cant get the hang of the local language
but a couple of drinks certainly help, my wife speaks Russian, so this also helps.

You will find more and more restaurants and pubs have English speaking employees and English menu's.

let me know when you get in, and we can catch up for a Guinness or 2, actually I don't like Guinness, but don't hold that against me :)


Hi Nevlad (and everyone else).

I'm planning to move to Kosice around September/October to be with my fiancée (she is native Slovak) and our son (age 3 in July).

I'm from London, working and travelling most months to Kosice, but plan a permanent move as soon as I can.

It would be great to meet up when I'm there.

Hi Daragh

just a few questions. trying to figure out what documentation I need to bring with me when I move, I know the obvious is my P45 etc any other ideas bout what I should bring.

Glad someone else is making the big move before me!! : ) Been to Kosice a few times through out the six years that we are together and experienced all the different seasons!! We think we have cold winters! wait til your first Slovak winter!!! Its FREEZING!!!!!

Reckon we could be the first Irish to celbrate paddies day in Kosice : )

Good luck again

Susan : )

Hey all, just mulling over an opportunity to move to Kosice from the USA. I was wondering how your first year went. If you get this, give me an update on cost of living. We are expecting to have about 1,000 euros a month to spend beyond bills and what not. . .Will that cover a car, food for a family of 4, and some fun? We are really interested in seeing some of Eurpoe

Hi tokerlund, I'm back in London now but I can't speak highly enough of Kosice. Beautiful city centre and the surrounding areas are also amazing. Having a beer outside on Hlavná Ulica (the main street that runs through the city centre) on a sunny summer's day - nothing beats it.

On cost of living - I was staying with my girlfriend's family so can't offer much help in terms of rent etc but I did find groceries to be expensive in relation to wages. I love Slovak food but if it's not your kind of thing there are a couple of big Tesco stores that sell a lot of foreign foods.

I would say that a car is an absolute must. The tram system is fine for staying in Kosice but you'll want to get out an explore the surrounding areas. There's so much to see and all within around 90 minutes of leaving the city. Not too sure on the price of petrol though, sorry.

If there's anything else you're wondering then just let me know.

Hi Susan - I'm very sorry I never wrote back to this; I didn't get any email alerts about new posts and sort of forgot about this place over time. Anyway, I'd be interested to hear if you made the move or not.


If you only speak English then finding solid salary in that town could be a problem, even work in Bratislava is a problem if you only speak English.



Hi all of you,

I am Slovak living in Kosice and looking for English speaking families as I am trying to speak English to my two little daughters aged 3 and 5 right from their birth. We have just got back from London where we spent 5 great weeks. Trying to find little bit of natural English speaking environment for all of my family, so if you are interested and you think it could also help you to know a nice Slovak family here in Kosice, we will be glad to meet and perhaps become friends :)


Hello Irishman,

My husband and I are in Kosice for one year. Where is the best place to meet expats. I am learning the language yet still yearn for English conversation. We have been here two weeks and great impression so far. People, restaurants, culture fun we are off the main street in the city central.

And if your girlfriend could recommend any spas I would appreciate that too.

Thank you

Hi me and my husband are thinking about moving to kosice. Im from sk and he is Scottish. We live in Scotland at the moment. Can anybody advise if there is any jobs where you dont need to speak slovak only English? He is currently working in the construction industry but willing to try anything. Thanks for any suggestion.

Hi Maria & all,

We (hubby, 3kids & myself) are thinking of moving back to Kosice after 8y living in Ireland, how's life over there? Did you find some english speaking friends? I would really miss the language and multi cultural environment if I didn't ;)

Thanks & have a great day everyone!


Hello, would live to meet you and your girlfriend. I just moved here 4 months ago and just getting to know the city. Would be great to meet fellow expats. Regards, AJ

Greetings Akishiajee  hope all is well , and i pray God guide your staying in there in Slovakia
as for me well am still planing my trip to Slovakia , please will need your advice how to proceed with visa and others .


Hi all,
I'm living in Kosice for a year and I feel quite silly for finding this forum just recently..  :|
I hope we can meet some time over some pivo pints...

Hi LLinda, I am assuming you and your husband are no longer living in Kosice?
ALL THE BEST; Ed Smith from Kosice

Hi Housemartins, I am living here in Kosice. I am married to a Slovak and i am 74.  Would you like to meet some time for a Pivo and English conversation?

hi i just move close to kosice , are you guys having a regular meeting in kosice ?
i would like to join and meet more expats

Hi, welcome and happy new year!

Haven't checked my inbox for quite some time now :-(
Sorry for any inconvenience...

Still not aware of any regular basis meetings but always interested...

Greetings to all from sunny Athens.

great thank you for your response , and enjoy holydays ..

best regards

HI Everyone,
I and my family may be moving to Kosice. I would like to get in touch with any expats there (especially anyone from the US, Uk, or Ireland, but other expats would be great too). Is there any area where most of the expats live, or are there so few that everyone is quite scattered? Any recommendations as to where to live with a small family? Any other tips?   Thanks in advance!

Hi, I live here in Kosice and i am American. I am retired with my wife.
Who are you?
How old are you?
What type of accommodations are you looking for?
Do you have children that will go to school (English or Slovak school)?
Looking forward to your reply.