Dobre den

Hi all,

I'm a new subscriber, so I'd like to introduce myself, and I hope to get to know some of you as well.

I'm a Slovak American, and an illustrator by profession. I'm working on a series of illustrations for a collection of Slovak folktales, and I hope to get a grant that will allow me to relocate to Slovakia for a time in order to conduct research.

I just returned from a short visit to Bratislava and Martin. Such a beautiful country, full of friendly, helpful people! (I spent every night in the Old Town Bratislava and I loved it!) I don't speak Slovak, and I can see that it will be necessary to know the language as I travel into the more rural areas. I'd like to hook up with a tutor- perhaps somebody who is trying to learn English. That way we could help one another.

I'm 58, male, an artist, very interested in Slovak history and culture.

I hope that you are all enjoying your experience in Slovakia and having a wonderful summer.. With any luck I will be joining you within the year.



Hi James,

Welcome to! :)

Thank you for your introduction. I hope you find lot of new contacts on the site.

All the best,

By the way, I thought the correct greeting was 'Dobry den'.  Can someone tell me which is correct?  Dobry den or dobre den.  I think the correct greetings are dobry den, dobre rano, dobry vecer and dobru noc.