Looking for... EVERYTHING in Kosice!

Friends, conversationalists, part time work, volunteer work... basically I am looking for any and all opportunity to connect with Slovakians. I want to contribute, learn and work.

About me...
Male, 28, short, intelligent and thoughtful.  I am from the US and graduated as a bachelor of Environmental Science. I currently work as an Internet Marketer and Social Media Director where I design and operate aesthetically pleasing e-mails, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc. Most of my clients work in Real Estate, so I am well versed in home sales and lease listings.

I do not smoke but drink wine and I am terrified of the home made alcohol I keep hearing about but... I am willing to try anything new! :)

I can keep some part time work while I go abroad which allows me to work at night for my United States clients. I would love to teach English as I am a native speaker but I would explore any work opportunity.

So if you want to... meet up, just say hello on skype, learn more about who I have networked with so far and what my plan is... please respond!

(And yes I am often asked "Why would YOU want to come to Slovakia?" Basically it is a mixture of wanderlust and having friends in the area, but I also believe Slovakia is full of potential!)

Hi rmw26!

Welcome to Expat.com ;)


Hi there! I am moving to Kosice myself in June and pretty much seeking people to hang out with, play sport with, etc.

A little about me...

I'm 27, currently living in London with my Slovak girlfriend. I am actually Irish, but moved to London when I was 21. We are moving to Kosice in June. I've only been to visit once before so it's a bit of a nerve racking move, but am looking forward to it.

I am just about to finish my masters dissertation in public policy, which I will be working on in Kosice whilst my girlfriend gets some experience in her field (microbiology).

Anyway, I'm not sure if you will read this but maybe give me a shout if you do, would be great to talk to some other expats!