New members of the Slovakia forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,
Just moved here a few months ago.
Looking to meet expats and locals, learn the language and take part in any interesting social activity.

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Hey everyone,
Majella here from Ireland. Just moved to Banska Bystrica. Just wondering if there are any expat meetups in my area? :D

dobrý deň,

New to all this and looking to make contact with expats in Slovakia.

Married to a Lovely Slovak teacher and we have a house in Terany - Central Slovak wine region (Stredoslovenská). We will be moving to Slovakia permanently in the spring 2017.

We will be in Slovakia for Christmas and would be happy to contact expats in Slovakia.

Ewart & Alica

hi i am a colombian guy living in trebisov ,married to a slovak girl  and happy to be dad soon . we lived in england for few years and now happy to move home .i am looking to meet new people ,learn the language and work .

if there is any regular meetings of expats around kosice will be happy to participate .


I am new to Slovakia, Bratislava based. Taking care of children, would love to get involved, I am open to new suggestions and have a wide variety of interests.

Hoping you are all settled in now.

Can you Explain please, how they are racist?

I am Christian Egyptian living in Kuwait but I will move to Bratislava next August to start my new business.

Can you give details about cost of living in Bratislava to 3 members family

all what I know that the average of the rental cost is from 400 to 500 Euro

What about safety? here in Kuwait i can go out anytime without danger even 4 am. Is it the same in Slovakia?

I hope to make new friends there. Currently I am learning Slovak but it seems that will take some time. what about dealing with people in English until I learn Slovak? is it acceptable?

Thank for you and I am happy to be here

Hello there my name Chi from California USA i planning to retire soon in Slovenia but between SLOVENIA n Slovakia do they have a lot differences or not even i try to do research but could not find something different hoping you tell me between them two country. Thanh you in advance.

Hi everyone
I have recently arrived in slovakia to live,my wife is slovakian we met in the uk we  have 2 childlren together,we lived in the uk sheffield for around 8 years together,my wife has a job here but i am finding it hard to find  work,i am a qualified chef but my slovak language is very limited and find it a very hard language to learn,my wife and children are both bilingual but we only spoke english in the uk,my hobbies include fishing darts drawing and spending time with my family oh and like to socialize and have a drink or 10! Iam a very outgoing person and like a good giggle,so hello to everyone

Hey guys!

Im trying to move to SK asap, looking for a job trough internet and move than since im single and not a native Slovak it isnt so simple, if someone has tips for a native Dutch speaker im happy to hear it.

I visited slovakia 11 times in the last 3 years. And im eager to find a good job and move.

Maybe there are some dutch/belgium people around allready?

Im married to a slovakian and have been with her for 10 years and i dont speak slovakian. I struggle to grasp it. She has moved back and i have kept working in Australia, i recently went over to know what im in for to move and i can see finding work being non slovak speaker very hard if your not in IT as im not. I think first need to learn to speak some slovak. I like the country side and culture something im looking forward too.

Hello everyone,

My name is Aibike and I am recruiter at Lionbridge. Currently we are looking for Slovak and Czech native speakers for our paid freelance projects. If anyone interested you can write me to ***

Thank you and have a nice day!


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hello All,

I am a South African (Jo'burg) Born Australian from Perth Western Australia living in Banská Bystrica since December 2007. I have recently returned from a 5 year hiatus in Western Australia ( completing qualification) and have intentions to remain here with my Slovak wife and twins. I am a qualified ESL Teacher and speak Slovak at an upper intermediate level (B2). I am a construction professional Looking for work and new friends.


G'day Mate!
check out these books to help you out cobber: … zi-jazyk-a

and :
(i Highly recommend this one to start!!) … ak_for_You

What do you do for work? Have you considered teaching English? if you undertake a CELTA/DELTA you will find work here easily: … ons/celta/ … ons/delta/

it is where i Started in 2007 and found my students help me alot with the language.


Laid back place, centrally located in Europe in the middle of Budapest, Prague and Vienna. A city with the vibe of a village.

Hi All

My name is Dale. I'm from the UK. I have been living in Bratislava over a year.

Just looking to connect and contribute. Pivo anyone?



Dale come on! I'll have beer with you! haha miss you! :D

Hey Jane  :D

I didn't know you were on here.

Me and James might go to wake lake this weekend. I built a boat :top:.  want to join us?

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to Canada when I was very young. I spent my childhood and most of my adolescence. I have been living and studying in Portugal since I turned 16. I have a degree in Sociology and a Master´s in HRM. Worked for the National Employment Services of Portugal for almost 20 years as a Vocational Guidance Counsellor. Now I set up my own international recruitment business which I am hoping to gow, expand and export.

Hello. Komostaka?   I saw your old post .. How many filipinos here in dubai :D
How you moved to slovakia?and what is the odds of finsing job for mechanical engineer comin from dubai? Thanks

Leo here,  Irish Guy, well traveled, moving to Bratislava for work on Thursday, looking for accommodation, and any and all tips appreciated! thanks, Leo


I am going to move to Bratislava in the next couple of months, as I have been transferred for my job. For now, I dont know anything about the city and its living conditions. Also, I have never been to another country. So, there is some nervous excitement. I hope to find new friends and have a good time there.

Dear Yasi ;

Kindly send me a message :)


Hi all,

Not sure if anyone is reading this now but I'll try anyway!

I'm Jamie from Edinburgh, Scotland. This is 2nd time for me in Slovakia, I was first here between 2011 and 2013.

Over here to study for a commercial pilot's licence plus looking to do a TEFL course.

I live near Banovce nad Bebravou and would be delighted to meet fellow English speakers around the area.

Please get in touch if anyone is out there :).


Hi Jamie,
Im Dave and we are looking to move to Slovakia around June/July. How are you finding the country? ive been coming here for the last 10 years for holidays with my little Slovak family so now we think its the time to make the move.

Hi Dave here,
We are looking to move to Slovakia in June/ July and was wondering if its possible to get sky tv out there and whats the best broardband to get? We have a house in a village called Bojna near a town called Topolcany so if there are any English speaking members (sorry i dont speak Slovak) in the area who could show me the ropes please give me a shout.

Hi Dave.

No you can't get Sky TV. The only cable package I'm aware you can get is provided by Antik.

I wouldn't say it's the greatest service in the world. The boxes are pretty useless compared to Sky's. The quality of channels is poor and the user-interface, likewise. Pretty rubbish really!!

It's acceptable but realise if you come from a TV package like Sky then you might be disappointed.

The only way around this is to have a Sky package in the UK, then use your laptop or iPad to connect to Sky Go through a VPN. (using a VPN client not detected by Sky). Bit tricky really.

Other than that good luck with your move!


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