Residence Permit A to Long term residency B

I have been here more than 2 years on the annually renewed work permit B? Any one has an idea if it takes 3, 4 or 5 years for a non-EU citizen to get the 5 year residency permit

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Hello Riogrande,

As far as I have understood:
1. If you are an expat - takes 5 years
2. If you are locally employed (meaning not as an expat) - you are eligible after 3 years. Doesn't entitle you to get it but you can try your luck.

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Thanks Jigarshah005,

Yeah, I'll keep my fingers crossed as there is a lot of confusing information out there about the duration towards a long term residency.

Txs again.

i think rules are diferent for non belgium people who belong to the european union and the ones who don´t, are u from a country of the european union? ... i also want to get some info about how to ge residence, but i am from peru (latin america)

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